What To Do When You Overdid

Last Thursday I was 4 weeks into my 6 week recovery.  I’ve read about other people starting to workout again at this point so I thought, I should at least be able to clean my house.  Let’s just say, Dr. G wasn’t kidding when he said no working out, no cleaning, no repetitive arm movements and no heavy lifting.  It started Wednesday morning with finally packing up all of L’s stuff.  She’d been refusing to stay over night here and it just didn’t make sense to have all her stuff here when she wasn’t even using it so I finally packed it all up and carried it out to my SUV so it wouldn’t be in the way in the house.  Probably not the best idea, but nothing was more than 25lbs and I didn’t feel bad at the end of the day.  By the way, they came to pick some of the stuff up Wednesday afternoon and she finally decided she wanted to spend the night!  More on that later though.

The weekend before, a friend of mine has asked if I could watch her baby all day this past Friday and then one of my dc parents texted so see if I could watch her 2 kiddos for half a day also on Friday.  I figured if I’m already taking 1, I might as well watch a couple of more.  However, my Mom hadn’t been here to clean for over a week and J is so busy with lawn mowing that the house was destroyed with dog fur and all things that a 5 lb puppy finds to chew on.  I figured it’s been 4 weeks, it’s just putting away clutter, vacuuming and mopping, it’ll be fine.  Let me tell you, no, no it will not be fine.  Friday morning I woke up hurting more than I have since the first week or so after surgery.  By the time J got home from summer school at noon I was in tears with pain.  Holding the baby against me hurt so badly and the incisions around my nipples which the day before, you couldn’t even see, were now a red ring around my nipples.  I was never so glad to be done with a day of work and my Mommy was quite upset with for overdoing it instead of asking her to come and help.

Since then, I have tried to rest as much as possible but IT IS SO HARD!!!!  I didn’t realize how much it would drive me crazy to not be able to clean my house.  The pain has lessened but the red ring is still there and yesterday it kept feeling like my nipples were on fire, which could also totally be part of the nerves re-attaching.

To make matters worse (well, maybe not worse, but definitely not better either) AF showed her ugly face yesterday.  Now, on one hand, I’m happy about this.  I didn’t tell you guys this because there really wasn’t much to tell, but this last cycle was 54 days long.  Now anyone that has been following me for a while knows that my problem tends to be shorter cycles, not longer ones.  I did have very minor spotting (like only on the toilet paper) shortly before my surgery and right when it could’ve been implantation bleeding, but we’d barely been intimate that month and even though I knew it was almost definitely to early, I did take a hpt the morning of surgery and told God if I was actually pregnant, he better give me the sign early.  It was negative.  CD 28 came and went and finally on CD 30 or 31, I took another test, stark white again, I proceeded to take a couple more over the next week or so and still, stark white but no period.  I finally called the RE and they said to take another one in the morning and if it was still negative, they’d give me medication to start my cycle.  Well, the last think J and I wanted was for more meds to be in my system so I just held off and she finally showed up yesterday.

Other than overdoing it on house work, things have been pretty quiet here.  I continue to spend my time working on Family Promise and Young Living and I’ve watched a whole lot of TV.  I made it through Gilmore Girls (for the umpteenth time, even J is starting to recognize all the episodes, lol) and The Fosters (so good if you’ve never seen it).  Now I need to find a new one to start or start reading all these books I have surrounding me.  We are still hoping to go to CT in August and will begin Whole 30 when we get back.  Yes, J has agreed to do it with me.  He is also interviewing for the middle school athletic director job next week and we just found out that a ms/hs health/PE position has opened up over the river in MN that I’m trying to get him to apply for.  MN’s Governor is pro teacher and education unlike WI’s horrid Governor.

I am ready to be back in full working order so that I can start going to the gym again and getting the house back in order for daycare to start at the end of August.  Hoping and Praying this is my last year of it and I will be able to fully contribute to our finances with just my YL salary after this school year.  On the plus side, and I may have mentioned this already, all of my kiddos are part time this year and it’s working out that I will Fridays off which is AWESOME!!!

I love my dc kiddos so much, but Young Living helps me really be able to live my passions which are 1.) Teaching people about all the toxins/chemicals in our home and how there are products out there that are so much better for our families.  2.) To become a full time Foster Mama without having to try and figure out daycare along with it. and 3.)  Being able to go out and mentor those going through infertility, adoption and fostering.  Those are the things that I want to be spending my time on and I’m lucky to be part of a fun and fantastic team of people that support and educate me in those dreams.  🙂

I hope you’re all doing well!  If you haven’t yet, please go and also follow me at livingtheoilylifeblog.wordpress.com.  I’ve only managed a couple of posts on there but hope to get a new one up tonight!

Lots of Love~Dawn

10 thoughts on “What To Do When You Overdid

  1. I am shocked reading about how different our recoveries are going! By 2 weeks I was able to lift Baby MPB for short durations. But 3 weeks I was feeding him. And I’m pretty sure it was 4 weeks when I started cycling again (but no running, I just didnt even want to think about how a bounce would feel). I wonder why its been so different? That said, I’m really glad you are trying to listen to your body and reduce your activity when it hurts! Good for you. I’m hoping you continue to heal up well!

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