It Is Done!

I feel like I moved into a new house!  Here are the before and after pictures of the projects we did in our main rooms this summer.  Oh and I’ll show you pics of the basement too.  I don’t have any before pics of that but just imagine stuff everywhere and not being able to walk through the cement part and barely be able to walk through the finished part.  🙂  I so wish we had another month off to work on stuff now that I’m finally cleared to do things.

IMG_0870IMG_0871IMG_0872IMG_0873IMG_1158 (1)IMG_1159 (1)IMG_1160 (1)IMG_1161 (1)IMG_1162 (1)IMG_1163 (1)

25 thoughts on “It Is Done!

    • Thank you! He’s a pretty handy guy and if he doesn’t know how to do it, he just finds a youtube video on it, lol. My Mom and I did the painting. I kind of feel like I’m at a beach cottage even though there’s no beach or water outside my house, lol. 🙂 Our former foster daughter walked in and saw it for the first time last night and she’s like, I love it, I really didn’t like the old house, she says, lol. I said, I think you liked it you just didn’t know it could look this good before.

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