Time to Catch Y’all Up!

Hello Friends!  I’m sorry I’ve been a shitty blogger lately…3 weeks between being off restrictions and daycare/school starting meant lots of house projects happening these last few weeks.  So what’s been happening in OGD land…lots actually.  Some is going to have to be saved for a password protected post.  Let’s start back a few weeks though.

A few weeks ago, we got a call from the same county that we fostered H, L and R through.  They were wondering if we’d be interested in fostering an 8 mo old baby girl.  She is currently with a great foster family but they are older and have raised their children already and this situation is more than likely (fingers crossed) going to be an adoption situation.  The SW said that the transition process to having her with us full time would take a couple of months.  There are other details that I can’t really discuss, but after J and I talking for a whole 2 minutes, I called back and said we’d be interested.  We didn’t hear anything again for about a week but finally the SW on the case called and said she wanted us to meet with a trauma specialist (TS from now on).  We met with her a couple Thursdays ago now and it went okay.  The one thing we had a problem with is that she wants me to bring somebody else in to do daycare the first month or two baby is with us full time and that is just not happening.  Not only can we not afford to pay someone else to do my job, but I don’t even know anyone that would want to take that on.

The SW was supposed to be having a phone conference with the TS this past Wednesday and she said she’d call afterwards but I never heard from her.  Thursday, the current foster mom texted me a photo of baby and asked me to call her when I had a chance.  I could tell by the texts and then the phone call that she is very much a rule follower and takes everything the TS says to heart.  We set up a time to go and meet them for today at 3pm.  She also mentioned that L’s SW is taking over the case because the current one is going on maternity leave.  I was happy about this because we got on great while we had the girls.  Since she’s taking over the case, I put a call into her that afternoon to discuss the whole taking time off work thing.  She called me back Friday afternoon and it was great connecting with her.  I mentioned what the TS said and she said that she’d heard she’d said that and that is the optimal situation, but in their office, the deal with reality.  She was going to check with the Guardian ad litem and get back to me but didn’t before we met E and now I really hope the answer is that they are okay with me working.  Ladies, this little one is Beautiful and so happy.  There are definite trauma triggers and delays that she’s already working with birth to 3 on, but I can’t wait until we’re far enough into the transition that we get to hold her.  Unless of course they come back and say never mind because I won’t give up doing daycare.  I really hope that doesn’t happen though.  Anyways, the family she is with is super nice and have been doing foster care for 15 yrs but E is going to be their last placement.

Current FM is hoping the transition is completed by Thanksgiving so she can be with us for her first one and her 1st birthday in December and of course, Christmas.  I will keep you guys updated as we go along.  It sounds like BD is ready to TPR but BM is not voluntarily TPRing yet.

Other than that, we’ve been working on the house and went camping in our new camper for the first time last Sunday for a couple days with J’s family.  L got to come with us and we had a mostly great time.  Camping is way better with a camper than a tent, lol.  Daycare officially starts back tomorrow with 4 kiddos, all new so it should be an interesting day!

I hope you are all well!  I’m still at least a few days behind I think but hopefully, I can get a bit caught up before I head to bed tonight.  🙂

Lots of Love~Dawn

8 thoughts on “Time to Catch Y’all Up!

  1. Glad I caught up!! Very exciting news Dawn!! But it doesn’t make sense about the day care part of it…umm…that’s your job! Would they tell other people to quit their job?? Hopefully it will work out and by Christmas you’ll have your little one in your arms…always thinking of you!! Xoxo

    • Right? I get that they wanted a SAHP because of attachment issues, but how many people are out there just staying home with no other children in the house to take care of?! At least mine leave by 5pm every night. 😀

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