We are unfortunately, still in the NICU.  She is still having some feeding issues. We came in yesterday morning and they had put a feeding tube in because she just tuckers out before she gets her 36 cc’s in. We bottle feed every 3 hrs and what she doesn’t eat gets pushed through the tube but other than that, she is doing great!

8 thoughts on “NICU

  1. So sorry to hear this but glad she’s doing well otherwise. Not sure how many weeks old she is but I know feeding issues are very common for preemies and early term babies. She will get there! Hope you are enjoying your bonding time though!

  2. Hope feeding continues to improve. I know it’s tough! My twins were in the NICU and it’s really hard. One of them had issues feeding and had an NG tube. One day he just ‘got it’ and started eating everything he needed by mouth. I swear it was overnight. I think sometimes it takes them a bit of time to figure it out but once they do there is no turning back.

    Also, when he was born he was 9th percentile compared to preemies and within 3 months climbed to over 90th percentile 😄

    Hope your stay is short. I’m thinking of you! ❤️

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