Sweet Little A Update

Sweet little A is still in NICU but eating more and more on her own each day.  Her 5pm feeding yesterday was terrible, only about 15 cc’s on her own befor pooping out so I tried a little reverse psychology for the 8 pm feeding.  I kept whispering over and over in a sing song voice, “don’t do it, don’t finish that bottle” and lo and behold reverse psychology even works on preemies!  πŸ˜‰

She drank all but 1-2 cc’s and didn’t have to gavage at all!!!  Yesterday they said she was at 61% total intake in her own and this morning she was up to 76%.  If she can sustain that for 24 hours they will take the feeding tube out and J said that they said she could come home early next week which I am actually going to be calling bullshit on because if she stays doing well, they originally said she can go home 48 hours after the feeding tube comes out so I will be fighting for that. 

I also just texted that she drank her whole 11am bottle so YAY!!!!

Ladies, being away from her sucks so bad!  I hate every minute of it and can’t wait until I’m done with work for the week tomorrow afternoon.  Right now, J is planning on working next week to find and get ready for a sub and then he’s taking off til Thanksgiving!  He also resigned from coaching boys basketball this season!!!  I don’t know who this guy is but I plan to enjoy him while he’s home.

I hope you all are well…I’m actually staying updated for once because I read as I hold a sleeping A every evening!

Lots of Love~Dawn

16 thoughts on “Sweet Little A Update

  1. NICU life is hard, the minor wins feel so triumphant. I can only imagine how challenging it is to be away from her. Hopefully the feedings continue to progress and she gets her tube out soon and then be done with gavage feedings (My personal least favourite).

    So excited for you!!

  2. I cannot express how happy I am for you and J! NICU life is so hard, I remember every minute my girls were there. And going home always gave me severe separation anxiety. I feel for you, hun. I’m also happy J is taking the time off and that you will have some time off too! I have faith you will be bringing little miss home soon ❀

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