Just want to put this out there…I don’t talk about these wonderful oils or this wonderful company enough.  Annabelle and I just went to an Amazing event this weekend though where she was loved on by not only our whole team that I know, but by the Diamonds and Royal Crown Diamonds of Young Living which is the highest ranks you achieve.  Anyways, these products have changed how we do life in the R household and through tomorrow night, they are having a sale on the Premium Starter Kit (which is the best way to start your wholesale membership with YL) and on Ningxia Red (an amazing juice full of antioxidants…J and I take a shot of it every morning with a drop of Thieves oil to boost our immunity).  If any of you would be interested in starting this wonderful journey, send me an email ( and I can help you get started.  The sale price for Ningxia is offered to those in the US and Canada and the PSK is just US but we are in several more countries so if you aren’t in the US but want to get started, I can still help you out with that!


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