I totally jinxed poor little sweetpea!  She’s sick.  😦  The night before last she sounded way more congested than usual (she’s sounded a bit congested since birth) at her 1am bottle which is an oddity to begin with.  She normally wakes up in-between 2-4am and then not again til 7ish.  Then she was up again at 4am for another bottle.  By yesterday morning, she was very restless in my arms trying to get to sleep and she wouldn’t stay sleeping in her rock and play when I’d set her down unless I completely covered her with a blanket including up by her face which I usually don’t do (don’t worry, she was right out by me and I checked on her frequently).  By 4pm I was pulling out the nose frieda…not as gross as I was expecting it to be, although I could only get stuff out of the left nostril.  No matter how hard I sucked, I got nothing out of the right.

I then had to make the hard decision on whether or not to continue with my plans for Grandma to watch her while I went to the Women’s Christmas Tea at church.  Ultimately, i decided to go because I knew my Mom would snuggle her well and she couldn’t be in better hands including probably my own because my Mom is the best Mommy and Grandma in the world….yes, I’m totally bias, lol.  She did fine of course…in fact, my Mom said she was totally awake and cooing and kicking her legs on a blanket on the floor up until the last half hour which she doesn’t do a lot here.  Of course, she doesn’t have to worry about dogs being on top of her at Grandma’s house, lol.  I think once the play yard comes down from around the tree (to keep it safe from the dogs and daycare kids hands), it may stay up here so I can put her down more without having to worry about the dogs accidentally stepping on her (well, Rocky because Bandit weighs less than her so I don’t think he’d do much damage, lol).  Plus, if I’m sitting on the floor, Rocky immediately thinks that’s an invitation to sit in Mommy’s lap.  Anyways, I digress, she did fine at Grandma’s and when we got home, she had her cereal and bottle and got nose frieda’d again.  Again, fine with the left nostril, nothing out of the right.  She got up around 2 or 3…can’t even remember at this point and I pulled the old fashioned bulb out in hopes of getting something out of the right and it worked a bit so that was good.  We went back to bed and slept til almost 10am.  We both needed that.  Got up and had another bottle and she went back to sleep and is still out about 3 hours later.  Poor sweet girl!!!

The good news is there’s no fever.  I’ve checked a couple of times.  I’m rolling diluted thieves on her feet and snifflease on her chest and she doesn’t seem to be getting any worse so hopefully it stays that way because so far, this is a pretty mild cold and being that she’s been in daycare since the Monday after she came home from the hospital and one kid or another has had a cold that whole time, I think we did pretty well holding it off this long.  So, that’s it…Dec. 2nd, she came down with her first illness.  😦

Hope you all are well and enjoying the holiday season!

Lots of Love~Dawn

P.S.  This year’s tree!

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