The Adventures of Little Miss Piggy

Which, by the way, is her new nickname after last night!  Holy smokes…this.kid.can.EAT!!!  I find it quite ironic now that she was in NICU for eating issues because you would never, ever guess that now.  She had 3 oz at 4:30pm yesterday, then we went to my leadership meeting and she drank another 2 or so oz. at 6:30pm.  We get home about 8:30pm and she’s acting like she’s starving again, so J fed her rice cereal.  Now, there’s a fine line on the cereal between enough to satisfy her for an hour or so until her bedtime bottle; and too much and she throws it up.  So, we feed her the cereal and she immediately is fussing for more food and we were like “no way, kid…you need to let your stomach rest a little before your bottle.”  Well, she wasn’t having that at all so about 15 min after her cereal, she ended up drinking 3 more oz.  Piggy, piggy!  She did sleep til 5am after that though so that’s nice.

She also had a couple of first this weekend.  She unfortunately came down with her first cold but it was mild and thanks to oils, saline drops (Thank you to Sondra at A Calm Persistence for recommending them), and the nose frieda, it didn’t get any worse and has even gotten quite a bit better although not quite completely gone yet.  Some of you may think I’m crazy with the oils, but trust me, they work, time and time again they do not fail me!  She also saw her first snow fall and it was adorable!  First, my Aunt got her the most perfect shirt for it for the baby shower and secondly, she was just fascinated by it coming down.  I sat down in the rocker and she craned her head to be able to see out the bay window and was just a smiling at it.  Here’s a couple of pics in all her cuteness!  Can’t believe she’s already going to be 11 weeks tomorrow.  Time is going too fast!!!


Lots of Love~Dawn

11 thoughts on “The Adventures of Little Miss Piggy

    • Do you use Young Living? I’ve been using snifflease on her chest and then in a 5 ml bottle I did v-6 oil w/ 4 drops of Thieves and put a roller ball top on it and that gets rolled onto her feet every morning. I’ve done that since the week we brought her home and I really think it’s what helped the cold from taking so long to take hold and has kept it so mild! I also diffused Thieves and RC while we were sleeping for a couple of nights. 🙂

      • Okay, beware that not all essential oils are alike! Companies only have to put 5% of pure oils in them to be able to call them pure therapeutic grade oils which just disgusts me! YL has been around for over 20 years and is the only oil company out there to own their own farms and have co-ops with other farms that must follow YL’s very strict seed to seal standards. You can actually go and work on the YL farms to see how it’s all done! If you want more info, I can send it to you on a fb pm. 😀

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