3 months (a week late) and Other Updates

So late on this update…sorry about that!  A is technically 14 weeks today.  I will get straight to Miss A while she’s napping and then fill you in on the other happenings in the R household!

How old:  14 weeks

Height and weight:  I actually have no idea, lol.  She goes in for her 4 mo appt on Jan. 13th.  It’ll be about a week before she actually turns 4 mo. but her pediatrician is going out on maternity leave Jan. 20th and wants to see her one more time.  She’ll be exactly 8 weeks out from the last set of shots so it should all be fine.  She is definitely filling out and getting some chubby cheeks.  🙂

Nicknames:  Oh so many, peanut, pumpkin, pumpk, puddin’, puddin’ pop, monkey pie, tootsi pop, Annie.  I think those are all still at the top of the list.  I can’t think of any others except pumpkin butt, lol.

Sleep:  A is a pretty great sleeper still.  She falls asleep for the night between 9-10pm usually and sleeps til about 4am, has a bottle and then goes down anywhere between 7-9am depending on the day and who’s moving around.

Eating:  She is still a champ at it!  She often does 4 oz bottles now and still has her cereal at night.  She wasn’t eating it so well the past few nights so last night I mashed up some banana and added it in there and she scarfed that right down.  We had tried switching to sensitive formula in hopes of it helping with the spit up but instead, it stopped her right up and caused painful cries that broke Mama’s heart.  As soon as we switched her back, she started pooping everyday and they were the nice soft poops again.

Milestones:  She’s holding that head up more and more but still isn’t grasping toys.  She’s got grasping Mama’s hair down to a science though, lol.  Also, lots more cooing.  She’s actually stopped rolling over front to back now which I thought was odd but her chiropractor said that happens sometimes.  She’s also started sleeping in her crib for her afternoon nap.  She was getting to the point that every time I tried to set her in her rock and play after I got her to sleep, her eyes would pop right back open and that just doesn’t work for me because well, I’m still running a daycare and I need to be able to get stuff done and cleaned up while all the kids are napping.  So, the kiddo that was sleeping in A’s crib got moved to a pack in play the big sleep room, I pulled out the Baby Merlin Magic sleep suit that I used on one of dc babies last year, I put photo albums under her mattress to raise it up a bit on one end because she spits up if she’s laid flat, turned on the fan, put on her owlet sock, and left the room.  She’s out within in 2 minutes every time!  And sleeps 3-4 hours most days in there.

Loves:  Cuddling…so much cuddling, her bottles and rice cereal, her nuk, gripping our fingers and Mama’s hair already, being talked to and her changing table or changing mat.  If she is fussy, lay her on her changing table and almost immediately you will get smiles and coos.  It’s hilarious!  Kicking her legs, especially on the piano playmate.

Dislikes:  Getting dressed and undressed, getting poopy diapers changed.  As I stated above, she now loves the changing table and even doesn’t mind poopy diapers being changed too much.  Still not a huge fan of getting in her carseat.  She’s fine once she’s in and we’re moving but despises getting those straps tightened.  Tummy time…she really despises tummy time these days.

How’s Mommy doing:  I’m still doing well and wishing time would slow down;  I wish I had more time to just snuggle and cuddle with her and I really wish I could be a SAHM without a bunch of extra children, but it’s just not possible right now.  I love being with her and wish I didn’t have to put her down to do things like clean the house and such, lol.  I’m very thankful that everything i do is very family oriented!  Nobody in Young Living, Family Promise or my professional women’s group I attend minds one bit if I bring A with.  In fact, if I don’t, I tend to get some dirty looks, lol.  Christmas felt extra special this year and I loved that she was loved on by family for 3 solid straight days!

How’s Daddy doing:   J is still doing pretty well.  Going back to work was tough and he was super tired those first couple weeks back.  Girl’s basketball starts for him when Christmas vacation is over which means even less time home for him and I think that will be hard on him (and me).   He still gets up with her quite often.

In other news, we had a new foster placement join us this morning.  I had contacted the county next to us a few weeks ago letting them know we have a foster license through our agency if they were willing to use it (the county we live in refuses).  She said absolutely and they have quite a few placements coming in right now too.  I didn’t hear anything from them so last week I sent an email just to check in and remind them about us and she came back with an email the next day with two different placement situations for us.  Both boy/girl sibling groups.  We said yes to the first one.  A 10 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl.  The social workers were supposed to come and meet us at 10am this morning to get to know us and tell us more about the situation, but it ended up that the boy was dropped off at DCF this morning by the relative that was supposed to be caring for him so he came with and is now placed with us and his Sister will hopefully be here by the end of the week.  He’s a sweet kid.  Happy, laid back, exuberant and seems very appreciative about being with us.  He’d only been here less than 2 hours and said he knew this was going to be good because the first 2 hours were so good, lol.  He asked who A was and we told him that we had can’t have children so we adopted her and that’s why we love fostering too because we love having kids to love on.  He asked how long she gets to stay and we said forever and he said, I bet she’s had a really good life already and that he feels like being here is too good to be true.  Obviously, I can’t share details but trust me, these kids have been through a lot of horrible stuff.  Anyways, L is actually staying with us for a few days so the kids and J went off to bowl while I stayed here so A could nap.  I’ll keep you guys updated on how it’s going.

So yes, having a new foster placement is our biggest news for right now.  Christmas was amazing and I’m still working on getting our house put back together.  I so wish I didn’t have to go back to work next Tuesday but oh well!  I hope you all are well and I’m wishing you a very Happy 2017 will all your dreams coming true!!!

Lots of Love~Dawn


14 thoughts on “3 months (a week late) and Other Updates

  1. I love how she calms down on the change table!! That’s amazing!! She’s growing fast!!

    And I was in tears reading what the boy said to you after you explained to him who A was.

    Lovely update – not sure how you manage it all super mom 😊

  2. Great update! That boy sounds so sweet, I feel like it’s great that he has that attitude after what he has been through. Not that I know what it is, but to be in foster care… and you said it’s horrible stuff. So to be saying such positive things, hopefully that will help him “get through” it all in one piece, you know? Hopefully things start off just as great with his sister! Good luck!

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