The Crazy Life of the R Family

Hello Friends…I really want to start posting more than the monthly updates, but sometimes (ok, most of the time), I get through the day and collapse into bed only to remember that I didn’t write anything…again!

So Foster Care…we now have 2 placements because T’s Sister, M joined our family Tuesday afternoon and the placement hearing was this morning so we now know she’s officially staying (at least for the foreseeable future).  This is a very good thing because she is starving for a female role model/mother figure.  By Wednesday morning, she had started calling me “Mom” already.  I mentioned it to the social worker this morning saying I know I shouldn’t probably encourage that but I also don’t want a to make a big deal of telling her not too because I don’t want her to feel bad.  The social worker said that she really hasn’t had a mother figure (she can’t stand her BM) so that she thought it’s fine as long as it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.  Both kids started school yesterday.  M had a great day (she’s at the school J teaches at) and made friends right away it sounds like.  Hopefully, it stays that way.  T also said he had a good day at school and made friends but unfortunately, he got into trouble at the Boys and Girls Club after school and if he gets another write up, he won’t be able to go for a week which would really suck for me because he was here on Tuesday while I did daycare and I was not a fan of having him here with the daycare kids.  He’s just a bit too wild and comes up with ideas I really don’t want the littles picking up.  Hopefully, today goes better.  Right now, M just comes home because we haven’t had a chance to sign her up for BGC and honestly, she loves babies so she’s actually pretty helpful with the kids.  T is definitely going to be challenging because he is unable to handle his own emotions and the smallest things upset him.  M seems to be doing okay so far, but we’re still in that first couple of days honeymoon period so we’ll see.    I do miss the days of just having Annabelle to worry about.  I definitely forgot about how difficult it can be the first few months until you get the kids re-trained on your schedule.  And that was with L, obviously, it might take longer in this situation because they come from a much worse background.  On the other hand, I also feel like it’s J’s and I’s duty to do this because we have the love and capability of handing it.  We have so much and I feel like it’s our calling to share it, even if it’s not easy like it was before they came.  In other foster news, if you remember from before we found out about A, we were working to transition E into our home (she was 10 months at the time).  I checked in with her Foster Mama earlier this week and she has been officially moved in with her new family so that they could get TPR done in January.  I’m still sad that we weren’t able to have her come to us but being so young and her needs higher than most babies, I just didn’t feel like I could do it with daycare and Annabelle.  She’s with a family that has a stay at home Mom and a son that is actually E’s age.

J and I have been in a pretty good place the last couple of weeks.  Christmas was great.  It was nice to have him home for awhile again.  We both decided to change our eating habits together starting on the 1st.  Usually, it’s me wanting to do it and failing because he’s not doing it.  We’ve done really well so far this week.  Not perfect, but we haven’t had any soda, our water intake is up and my veggie intake is way up.  On top of that, I have had no sweets at all.  This is only the 5th day, but still…no sweets is huge for me.  J is going to the gym and I’ve been doing workout videos at home for now.  I’m too out of shape to even think of heading back to Eupraxia, plus unless I get up at 4:30am to do the 5am class, it’s just too hard to fit it in right now.  I also got us the Fireproof movie, couples bible study and love dare calendar for Christmas.  Now we just need to make sure we carve out the time for us after T and M are in bed to do it.

A is doing great.  We think she’s just about 13 lbs now from doing the whole weighing her after we weigh ourselves thing but she has her 4 mo appt next Friday so we’ll see then.  I don’t want to write a whole lot because then I won’t have much to say for her monthly update, lol.

Other than that, It’s flippin’ cold here in WI and I wish we could hibernate like bears.  My house is always a mess and I’m in a permanent state of tiredness although it’s not A’s fault, I just think until I get back into shape, it’s going to be that way.  Oh, did I mention a couple weeks before Christmas I had chest pains and my heart was racing on and off throughout the day?  Yeah, that was fun…especially with my Dad’s history of open heart surgery at 36 (I’ll be 40 in March).  Anyways, they did all sorts of tests and couldn’t find anything except high cholesterol and triglycerides (a big reason for the overhaul in our diet).  So hopefully, when they re-test in 3 months, it will have gone down.  I suppose I better go empty the dishwasher and refill it before the kids get home from school.

I hope you are all doing well!

Lots of Love~Dawn

7 thoughts on “The Crazy Life of the R Family

  1. That’s so nice she has you as that role model. I can definitely see how it’s probably less awkward for her to call you that with other kiddos in the home.
    We had a foster placement last summer who, to my shock, immediately started calling me mama. I was floored…at least for us, they didn’t really tell you to expect that in classes…more or less the horror stories about kids hating you, tantrums, and the like lol So it definitely threw me off as well. I feel you on that!

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