Birth Parent Visit

Let me start off saying that we adore Annabelle’s Birth Mom.  She is a gentle hearted Sweetheart that Blessed us with the most amazing gift possible.  After we last saw N when A was discharged from the NICU, we exchanged texts/pics every week or two.  Then all of a sudden we just quit hearing back from her.  The last time I had gotten a text was Oct 29th.  TPR was Nov 8th and the social workers said it’s not uncommon for them to go off the radar for a bit to get through what they just had to do.  Finally, at the beginning of January, J got a text back from her so we asked her if she’d like to come over for a visit (she lives less than 45 minutes from us).   She said yes and so we set the date for January 15th.  J called/texted a couple times that weekend and day to make sure we were in and give her directions but we didn’t hear back so we weren’t sure if she was going to show up. She did shop w up and she brought A’s 9 yr old full Sister with her to meet her.  She had told her kids about her over  Christmas.  If you remember, she had t known for a long time that she was pregnant and then she hid it from them all once she did.  Her Sister, whobwe’ll call D held and rocked her and then dived into playing with all the daycare toys in the basement.  N held and rocked her for a long time as we chatted about how things have been going.  You could tell it took a weight off her shoulders to see A doing so well.  I think they stayed about 3 hours.  I think J and I are both looking forward to the next visit and we told her to just let us know and for the most part, they can visit any time.  

I can’t express how nice it is to have that first visit over with and to know the dynamic of how this is going to go.  I’m so happy that this is an open adoption and that BM is so close by.  I think it will be a fantastic thing for A to just grow up with the norm being visits with N and D.  She’s blessed to have so many people lover her so much!  I hope that she will always be able to see it that way.  

I hope that you are all doing well!  I’m keeping up with reading although my comments tend to be sporadic and on the short side.  

Lots of Love~Dawn

17 thoughts on “Birth Parent Visit

    • Thank you, Friend! Me too…I’m hoping she’ll meet her half brother here soon also. BD was supposed to also come I guess, whichwas news to us, but he got into some trouble and couldn’t make it. We’ve never met or spoken to him so he’s the one I’m a bit nervous about. I don’t know that we would want to do the visit at our house if he was coming also.

      • Feel pretty good. Heavy morning sickness still but ZERO complaints from me on that. Almost 14 weeks which is nuts. All still feels like a dream. You sound like such a fantastic Mommy to your baby girl.

      • Wow…14 weeks! I get you on the zero complaints. I try my best…it’s better than I could have ever imagined and as far as parenting to her, it’s just been easy. Now parenting our current foster placements is another story but that’s a post in and of itself for another day.

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