She Jumped on the Bandwagon…

The 4 month sleep regression bandwagon, that is!  A teases us for about a month and a half with beautiful full night’s sleep and now she thinks 2:30am is a great time to be awake.

Last night she was up from about 2:15am until at least 4:30am.  Every time I’d get her back to sleep and finally start to doze off myself, she’d start fussing again.  Finally, at 3:30am, I pulled her into bed to cuddle with J because that often does the trick but not this time.  He finally got up sometime after 4am for a bottle.  Not sure what time she finally nestled in but when he got up at 7am and put her back in the rock and play, that was it.  She was up for the day and happy as a clam.

So, new strategy tonight.  She’s been moved to the pack and play and she’s in the magic sleep suit that we use for naps. I also put her in pampers in case there’s any truth to their commercial, lol.  

Wish us luck!!!

13 thoughts on “She Jumped on the Bandwagon…

  1. Awww bummer! I am dreading that (although my baby is a terrible sleeper so maybe it won’t be a change lol). I hope your tricks help her sleep tonight!!

    • Thank you! It did work but was a crank all day today for some reason. She finally fell asleep tonight after her cereal in the rock and play but she didn’t have her bottle afterwards so I expect we’ll be up in the middle of the night for one.

      • I know this is no consolation but know that she is 100% rocking this baby thing and doing the normal routine. And you’re 100% normal too in not having any answers and just trying a million different things until one works (for a little while anyways, then it starts again). Here’s to finding some rest, soon! šŸ’œ

    • Thank you! It worked tonight but we’ll see what tonight brings because she fell asleep in the rock and play out in the living room so J just carried it into the bedroom. I suspect we’ll be up because she fell asleep before her bedtime bottle.

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