5 months (a couple weeks late)

5 months has come and gone and I’m just updating now.  The R household is a very busy place these days.

Weight:  12.13 at her NICU follow up on Feb. 3rd which was actually down a couple ounces from her 4 mo appt.   She’s 15th percentile and if they do the low birth weight schedule, I believe she was 63rd.

Height:  24 inches at her NICU follow up

Medical Issues:   Her follow up appt went well but they did point out that she tilts her head to the right a bit and it is flatter on that side in the back.  They referred us to a pediatric physical therapist and we just finally managed to get to that appt this past Friday.  She said it’s not off by too much and that she thinks it’ll naturally round back out as she starts to sit up and like tummy time more.  We’re supposed to keep her off her back as much as possible which isn’t easy because she loves being on her back and kicking.  She said I could start putting her in her bumbo for up to 10 minutes at a time but our chiropractor said absolutely not.  My goal is to do more tummy time and maybe use the front pack more then I have been but it’s hard.  She also doesn’t like to turn her neck to the left very much so we’re making sure when she is on her back, we put her toys or whatever we’re trying to interest her in to her left.    She also came down with her first real cold/cough a week ago and it was awful!!!  I cried right along with her.  She’s still a bit snotty and coughs a bit still but she’s 95% better from where she was…Thank God!!!

Sleep:  She’s taking 2 naps a day most days and usually a cat nap at some point in the evening.  She’s almost always asleep by 9:30 pm.  Our routine is cereal/fruit between 7-8pm, get changed into a new diaper and onsie, drink a couple ounces and then hang out in bed with Daddy chatting and kicking up a storm.  After awhile we put her sock monitor on and put her in the magic sleep suit and she’s usually out for the night.  The last week she’s been waking up at about 6am with a coughing fit but now that it’s mostly over, we’ll see what this week brings.

Clothing Size:  3-6 Months in most things.  Still have a couple 0-3 things out but not much at all.  I hit up the dollar sale at our local kid’s boutique consignment store and she’s set for summer now!

Diaper Size:  Size 1 still.  Trying to decide if we can make it through the last big box before she moves up to 2’s or if I should return them.  I’ll probably open up a smaller pack of 2’s to see how they fit her before I decide.

Diet:  Up and Up Infant formula usually 3 oz bottles and rice cereal and fruit at night.  So far we’ve tried banana, applesauce, prunes, pears and peaches and she’s done well with all of them.  She has bottles anywhere between between 2 1/2-3 hours during the day with a long stretch without one during her afternoon nap and then closer to 2 hrs between them in the evening.  Same as last month.

Baby Gear Love:  Lillebaby, rock and play and she is a big fan of her piano playmat!  She still loves, loves, loves her changing mat.  If she’s fussy, set her on there and you’ll get big smiles usually.  🙂  Nothing new here.  She was starting to sleep in her pack and play at night instead of the rock and play but then she got sick and we wanted her inclined.  She also loves this little guy my Aunt got her that lights up at the tummy and plays music.  She loves her tag blanket too.

Milestones/Firsts:  She is belly laughing now but is pretty stingy about them.  She also finally will do tummy time for about 5 minutes before getting angry and pushes up from her fore arms.  She turns herself when she’s on her back.  Teething!!!  Her front bottom teeth aren’t popping through but I’m pretty sure they’re on their way.  She constantly chews on her fist and soaks through her bibs and clothes.  Her cheeks get red sometimes and she can get fussy at time.  Diluted thieves on her gums takes care of that though!

Likes:  Baths, playmat, changing mat, food, Mommy and Daddy, being told she’s beautiful, peek a boo and her tag blanket.

Dislikes:  Tummy time…it’s getting better, but still not her favorite.  She is starting to cry sometimes if we’re in sight but someone else is holding her.  Her carseat sometimes.  More often than not, she wants to be put into her magic sleep suit and put down to go to sleep vs being rocked/cuddled.  Starting to get overwhelmed with too much noise/people.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget:  Those belly laughs.  Seeing her finally push her head/chest up during tummy time.  Her grizzly growls she does with Daddy.

What’s Next?  Consistent rolling over I hope.  She also loves sitting up and is starting to crunch that core quite a bit so I think she’ll start sitting on her own in the next month or 2.

How’s Mommy doing?  Mommy’s turning 40 yrs old tomorrow and is so grateful that my biggest wish came true before this big milestone (another post on that later).  I love watching her grow and learn but also wish she was back to that 5lb, snuggly tiny baby sometimes because I miss just rocking and snuggling her.

How’s Daddy doing?  He’s finally done coaching for this school year and is loving being home right after school.  I think A is equally a Mommy and Daddy’s girl but they have their own little routine together and that I love watching.  The first night that she was really sick, the owlet stopped working which had me freaked out.  I woke up at 3am to see J had moved his pillow to the end up of the bed so his head was right by her pack and play and I fell in love with him all over again.  He is such a good Daddy!

Pics from the last month:

18 thoughts on “5 months (a couple weeks late)

    • Thank you so much! I totally agree she is heaven sent! We get that quite a bit. People especially think she looks like my husband. I think because I dye my hair darker and his is a pretty light brown. Thank you for the love and prayers and I’m sending them right back at ya!!!

  1. Gorgeous! She is just perfect!

    For tummy time, Charlotte HATED it, so my doctor suggested rolling a towel up and placing it under her arms/chest and it seemed to help (we also propped her over a nursing pillow, but it was a little tall). While she was propped up, we put a toy that had buttons and lights in front of her to keep her interested. Just a thought ❤

    Happy birthday, love!!

    • Thank you so much! I agree about the nursing pillow, it was too high for her but I tried your towel suggestion and she lasts a few minutes longer than she does without it so thank you for that suggestion!! We need to get a couple of lights and sounds toys to keep upstairs for her. 🙂

  2. She is so darn cute!!! 🙂 A lovely update.

    Very funny about getting smiles on her change mat! Aviana is the same – the smiles come flooding from there. Babies are weird!!!

  3. How did you transition her from the Rock n play to the pack n play? We are having a heck of a time with that! One will go down and sleep for about an hour before she wakes up and won’t go back to sleep unless it’s in the rock n play… The other wakes up as soon as she hits a flat surface. Ours just got their first colds too… Not fun!

    • Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit!!! I swear by that thing. I started with putting her in it when I wanted to transition her to napping her in her crib while the daycare kids slept in the afternoon and it worked like a charm. When she started and then stopped sleeping through the night in her rock and play, I decided to give it a try with the pack and play for night time and it’s worked well so far. Well worth the money! Good luck and I hope your littles are feeling better…baby colds are awful!!!

  4. Happy birthday!

    Love the pics, she’s growing up so fast. Your comment about snuggly baby…yes! I was just thinking that about Oliver too! I’m already looking forward to Saturday just to have him take a nap on me again. He’s been at daycare 2 days and I already miss being home with him!

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