6 Months

6 months!  How is that this sweet little girl has been in our lives for 6 months already?!  I can hardly remember life befor her.  6 months ago this past Tuesday, this precious blessing came into the world and 6 months ago this past Thursday, we met her for the first time and she became our world!!!

Weight:  14.4 at her 6 mo appt yesterday!  J and I always make a bet going into the appt and he was right on the money this time.  I had guessed 14.5 and if she hadn’t pooed right before we weighed her, I probably would’ve been right, lol. 

Height:  25 inches exactly.  J guessed 25 1/4 and I guessed 25 3/4.  Her legs just seem so long to me.

Medical issues:  None really at the moment.  Her neck is turning to the left much better now and the pediatrician said she really wouldn’t worry about the right side being slightly flat in back.  She was deemed in perfect condition and we were told to keep doing what we’re doing.  She does still get constipated once in awhile but we’re always able to solve it with acupressure points, digize oil, pear juice and prunes.  
Sleep:   She’s taking 2 naps a day most days and usually a cat nap at some point in the evening. She’s almost always asleep by 9:30 pm. Our routine is cereal/fruit between 7-8pm, get changed into a new diaper and onsie, drink a couple ounces and then hang out in bed with Daddy chatting and kicking up a storm. After awhile we put her sock monitor on and put her in the magic sleep suit and she’s usually out for the night.  She wakes anywhere in between 7-8am usually.  
Clothing size: 3-6 months in pants.  Even the 3 mo pants are too short on her now and 3-6 months in shirts although there is some 0-3 that still fit her in the inside department.

Diaper size:  she is firmly in size 2 and I’m thinking we may not get through all the boxes we have before she moves up again.
Diet:  Target up and up infant formula.  She’s up to 4 oz at a time every 2-3 hours, sometimes less in the evening.  She continues to have rice cereal and fruit around 8 pm with a top off bottle afterwards.  I think I’m going to start veggies this weekend.  We also gave her peanut butter a couple days before she turned 6 mo.  I put a little on her nuk and there was no reaction.  The pediatrician said to keep giving it to her 2-3 times/week.  
Baby Gear Love: Lillebaby, rock and play and she is a big fan of her piano playmat! She still loves, loves, loves her changing mat. If she’s fussy, set her on there and you’ll get big smiles usually. 🙂  she is back to sleeping in her pack and play.  She also loves this little guy my Aunt got her that lights up at the tummy and plays music. She loves her tag blanket too.  New this month…we started putting her in the jumperoo this past week and she really seems to like it so far.  She doesn’t try to jump but it keeps her upright so she can really look around and see what everyone is doing.
Milestones/Firsts: She is more forthcoming with those laughs of hers now!  She stayed on her tummy for close to 30 minutes he other day which is huge for her.  She rolled back to tummy…finally, but of course did it when I set her down to clean the kitchen so no one saw it!  She still won’t roll a lot, but she can if she wants to.  She was also doing downward dog the other day when my Mom was watching her but again, as soon as Mom got the camera, she stopped.  Stinker!  We got her a high chair last weekend and she loves it!!!  And it’s so much easier to do that evening cereal now.  She also pops herself into sitting position if she’s leaning back in our arms but doesn’t have the core muscles to keep herself upright yet.  She can now take out and put her pack back in her mouth.
Likes: Baths, playmat, changing mat, food, Mommy and Daddy (she cried when my Mom came over the other day because she knew it meant I was leaving), being told she’s beautiful, peek a boo, her tag blanket (we have one at every station in the house, lol), her paci, her magic sleep suit.
Dislikes:  Shots but I think we’re done til a year now.   When Mommy or Daddy aren’t in eye sight if someone else is holding her.  Not being able to see what’s going on.
Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Those belly laughs.  Her grizzly growls she does with Daddy.  Watching her roll for the first time. That smile!  Watching her figure something out for the first time.  
What’s Next? Consistent rolling over I hope. She also loves sitting up and is starting to crunch that core quite a bit so I think she’ll start sitting on her own in the next month or 2.  More solids…hope she loves veggies!
How’s Mommy doing?  I started back at the gym this morning and I have compression socks on the way from Amazon so I can hopefully start running again.  I’m going to do the c25k program.  My stress level should be going down next Friday for more than one reason which is partly another post.
How’s Daddy doing?  Hes already in lawn mowing mode and is collecting them in our garage to fix up and sell.  Flip or Flop lawn mower style.   It’s also March Madness so he’s in his element.  We went to Madison last Friday to watch the boys high school state finals and one of our area teams took Division 2 so that was cool.

Adoption Update:  WE FINALIZE ON FRIDAY,  MARCH 31ST!!!!!!!!!  We’re beyond excited and are going to celebrate with family and friends the following day. 😍

Pics from the last month:

7 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. She is just so cute!! I’m so incredibly excited for your family. Btw that blanket with the flowers (knit or crochet) is really cool!

  2. Aviana LOVES that weird thing (man/bug/alien?!) that lights up its tummy too!

    Wow that’s so exciting to finalize your adoption soon!!! Whoop whoop 😊

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