Currently I’m….

  • Watching HGTV while eating a chocolate muffin with chocolate chips and drinking coffee because it’s been that kind of week.

  • Working on getting this little grumpykins to sleep.  She woke up with the sniffles about 2am night before last so she hasn’t been quite as happy and chill as normal.  Do you know what does make her smile though…Toodles from MMC…every stinkin time…it’s completely adorable. Yes, my kid watches tv…don’t judge.

  • And she’s asleep…how do I make that happen…with that sweet little green bottle for peace and calming.  Added in for the past couple days has been RC for healthy respiratory support!

  • Currently doing the “Game Plan” boot camp.  It’s 25 days doing 5 days during the week with the weekend to catch up if you missed a day.  It’s an amazing step by step plan that helps you share Young Living and build a business.  Why do I want to do that?  These products are the best I’ve ever seen/used to get chemicals and toxins out of our homes, especially now that I know that they more than likely contributed to my infertility.  I want to be able to educate people on this.  Also, this company has more integrity and treats their distributors better than any other company I’ve seen and I’ve seen and been apart of a lot.

  • Wondering where we’re going to go next on this journey.  Are we done?  Should we try a couple more iui’s this summer?  Should we adopt through LSS again?  Should we just continue to foster and see the if an adoption happens through that?
  • Wondering what’s going to happen with daycare.  It may just be the end of the year talking and the fact that I had 1 really hard older baby (now 14 mo old) all year and one not so easy little baby since the end and of March, but I am burnt out.  Plus I lost 2 of my favorite kiddos for next year!  They left in March due to Mom having a 3rd baby (that’s why I have the not so easy baby right now), but now their Dad took the athletic director position at a hs in a different city near by and they already lived in a different town so it makes no sense for them to go out of their way to get here next year.  I totally understand, but I’m going to miss them dearly.  They are a great family!  I did then offer to keep the not so easy Baby next year too but they said they do have tentative plans in place for next year so we’ll see.  As much as I love that family also (I used to have their daughter), I would actually be happy if they didn’t take it because then I wouldn’t take on any more babies and I would just add a couple more 2 and oldest if they come my way.  In all honesty,  if I can gain confidence in teaching classes through YL and do what the game plan says, I should be at Silver rank by the end of the summer and that would replace my daycare income all together.  At that point I will fade out and not take on anymore kids and possible be done completely except for maybe the twins because they’re just afternoons Mom -Thursday.  
  • And finally…I’m currently in awe that my baby is going to be 8 months old on Sunday!  How did that happen?!!!  

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