Dang it’s been a long time

Ladies…I. Any believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted a none password protected post!  For this of you that read those…it’ll be 30 days tomorrow!

So, what have we been up to?  Finishing up the school year and then 2 days later, J and I hopped in the car and headed to Utah for Young Living’s Grand Convention in Salt Lke City.  On the way, we stopped in South Dakota to check out Mt. Rushmore.  It was beautiful!  J’s birthday was this past month and he unfortunately, spent most of it in the car and finished it up with me in excruciating abdominal pain and vomiting. 

The pain started about an hour before we arrived at our hotel and I thought it was just gas bubbles because I get those sometimes and need to lay completely flat for awhile to get rid of them.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go away and I began to vomit too.  When it was still no better by 1am, we headed to the nearest ER where they started an IV and did some blood tests.  It was tender when he pushed on either side of my abdomen so when the blood tests came back with nothing to tell us, I went for a CT scan.  Diagnosis was colitis and we left the ER at about 6am with 4 prescriptions.  2 antibiotics, 1 for zofran and 1 for hydrocortisone.  

We went straight back to the hotel to sleep for a few hours because I was due to volunteer at 11:30am for our Royal Crown Diamond’s leadership dinner that she puts on every year.  She is also amazing knowledgeable on what oils/supplements to use to support your body to be at optimal wellness so the good news was that not only did I save money by not getting those prescriptions filled, but I also kept a whole lot of crappy toxins out of my body.  Unfortunately, one of the things I need to do is overhaul the diet to see what is causing the flare ups.  I did my best to stay away from dairy this week but dang is that hard…especially for a girl from WI!  We’ll be arriving home in about 4 hours from the drive back so the real overhaul will start then.  

Back to Convention…despite it starting in a horrible way, I had so much fun and learned so much!!!  J has fully caught the vision of helping others learn to live a chemical free life.  The reason we are so passionate about this is because of our infertility and how there’s a direct correlation of so many toxic chemicals causing reproductive issues.  

I am going to try posting a link here for you guys and hopefully it will work.  It will take some of your time to listen to it.  A great time to do it is driving in the car but I’m asking you to please take the time to do it.  You all are some of the best friends I have and I know that I was not aware of a lot of this info so I want to make sure everyone I know is.  

Toxin Free 101
Much love to you all!