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  1. We were told once they turn one it’s safe to give them a blanket or a teddy. We waited a few extra months because we are paranoid. When we did give him something, we started with a teddy, now he also has a stuffed puppy in his crib – he has no interest in either. Once he grew out of his 18 month sleepsacks we gave him a blanket. He still does not have a pillow.

    • The same thing they’ve told us and I’m paranoid right along with you but after 4 hours of A being snuggled right up to me and wanting her head on the pillow, I’m beginning g to wonder if that would help her sleep better once she turns 1.

  2. We bought a toddler pillow when my son was around 22 months, and that gradually transitioned to a regular pillow now (he’s almost 4). I would say between 12-18 months a small pillow and light blanket are fine. He didn’t show much interest in the stuffed animals until he was much closer to 2.

  3. We did it around 9 months, started with a small teddy bear. We were told that as long as they could roll over, they would be ok. We had no choice around the 1 year mark cause P had a super bad respiratory infection and needed a pillow to sleep on to breathe better.

    Now that they Are older, P’s bed had about 9 million stuffed animals and Char had two bubbies and a night light she falls asleep with lol

  4. Nora has Wubbanubs in the crib with her and one tiny stuffed animal. All that around 14m. No blanket yet bc she really doesn’t need one. No pillow either yet. She’s almost 18 months

  5. We bought Flic a toddler duvet and pillow a week after her first birthday. She’s not a wriggly sleeper and she seems really cosy. She tends to end up in our bed still at some point during the night, despite her lovely cosy duvet set, however…

  6. We got a toddler pillow when my daughter was 1.5. before that we let her have a few small stuffed animals in the crib – shortly after a year. She then started using a blanket at daycare for nap time so we have her a small swaddle blanket. By the time she was 20 months she wanted so many friends in her crib there was hardly any room for her. She moved to a big kid bed just over two with pool noodles on the sides to keep her in as she tried to climb out of the crib. She also now has room for all her friends.

    If you do get a pillow I recommend a toddler one that’s machine washable. Ours has been through the wash a few times.

    • I was super paranoid for a long time. She did get a blanket once she stopped letting me swaddle her when she was still in the rock and play right next to me but since she’s gone to a crib, she hasn’t had anything. Sleep has been better this week. She slept through Mon and Tuesday night and woke up once last night.

  7. For our daughter we started with a little giraffe stuffed animal that lit up and played music (this was maybe around 6-9 mths). When she was around 10-12mths I think we let her have a lovey (stuffed animal attached to a mini blanket. Around 16-18 mths or so she started liking a small blanket in her crib. She sometimes rolls her blanket into a ball and lays her head on top of her blanket. We haven’t done a pillow yet. She is 18mths old.

  8. Thank you for posting this, I’ve been wondering the same thing. A seems to like the pillow now when she’s in bed with us. I’ve given her a lovey since 6 months and a chew toy which she clings to every night (she ignores the soft lovey, go figure).

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