Calling all Prayer Warriors!!!!

Ladies…a fellow IF Sister needs our prayers for their 18 mo old girl.  She is one of daycare kiddos.  They were supposed to start back at daycare yesterday and I got a message Monday night that she’d been really sick and they were keeping her home the next day to go back to the dr to run blood tests.  It turns out that she has E. coli and it was causing her kidney function to decline.  Today, matters for much, much worse.  I am going to include the update so you can pray specifically over her and her family.  Thank you!!!

So as bad as the past week has been for I, today has been the worst. She awoke today without much change. We met with pediatric kidney specialist this morning to discuss her condition and its probable course. At that time he said that the average patient with Hemolytic Uremia Syndrome, a complication her E. Coli infection, has a 1 month stay in the hospital. While not easy, we where able to wrap our minds around this. Plus, there was some hope that she could yet be on the shorter end of this.
Then at noon, while walking (Ivy was in a little push car) through the halls of Mayo, I began having a seizure. We rushed her back to her room as quick as we could. It took about 35 horrible minutes to get the seizure to stop where we really didn’t know if our little girl was going to make it through.  

Eventually, they where able to get her stabilized. They Sedated her and intubated her, as she was unable to breathe on her own. From there they transferred her to the ICU. They poked her and prodded her trying to reestablish and IV.  

As awful as all of this was, it was still not unusual for this condition. Due to the seizure, however, they wanted to do a CT scan to rule out a stroke. We thought this would for sure come back negative, but as it turns out she actually has a clot in one of the major veins in her brain. They believe this may have led to or at least contributed to the seizure. Either way, a clot is not typically of side effect of HUS. So now, due to the CT findings, they will be taking her in for an MRI shortly. We will await the results of this tonight, but they will likely need to start her on a blood thinner for the clot. Furthermore, she’ll need to undergo a surgical procedure tomorrow to install a port in her neck that allows them to do dialysis. Dialysis will help do the job of her kidneys, which are not functioning right now.  

So that’s been the day. There’s a lot I left out too, like the inability to get IV in, my conversations over the medical costs, etc…

Please pray for little I. At this point there is no reason to believe she can’t recover fully, but it will be a very long road. Please pray also for our kids at home whom we miss. Their lives too will be flipped upside down from this for a long time. And, while we want all of your prayers, texts and emails can be overwhelming. We know you love us (most of us anyway), but please let us reach out to you for your help if we need it, and we probably will.  
To God be the glory!

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