What’s Next?

But first an update on Baby I!  Thank you so much for all the prayers, good thoughts, and positive vibes sent out.  She is doing a little better each day and even walked out of her room holding Mama’s hand to go in her stroller for a walk around the peds unit.  Specific prayer requests from her parents:

Yesterday’s Prayer requests include I’s kidneys starting to function and she would pee, continued normal neurological exam, and an increase in her platelets and hemoglobin levels.

Also, please pray for L who, in spite of normal behavior, we are learning still has some diarrhea. It’s been over a week now for him. With his behavior being normal and me being gone I just hadn’t paid close enough attention. Pray for his protection that he too would not need medical attention, but that his body beats this on his own once and for all.

Today’s prayer request:  Please continue to pray. While she looks so good, we haven’t turned the corner yet. Her kidneys aren’t functioning as they should and we still have an ominous blood clot in her brain lurking in the shadows. Please continue to pray for her kidneys to heal and for the doctors to have wisdom in how to treat her blood clot.


Now back to what this post is actually about.  A is going to be 1 yr old in 10 short days.  I’m not even sure how that happened but we have discussed and made a decision about what is going to come next.

We talked a lot on our road trip out to Utah in June and decided that we were going to go back to the clinic and try 2 more IUI’s over the summer and if they didn’t work, we would then put our names in at our agency to see if we get picked to start the process again when they do the drawing in December/January.

Well, it ended up that we hadn’t been to the clinic in over a year so we had to redo the paperwork.  I got mine all done, but kept forgetting to sit down with J and get all his family history all over again and before we knew it, the summer was over and we never finished the paperwork much less got the IUI’s done.  In all honestly, I would have been super surprised if they’d worked.  I’m 40 years old and in pretty severe pain the 2nd half of my cycle each month from the endo.  I just figured we’d feel better if we gave it one more last try before completely giving up on science to help us get pregnant.

So, with the school year here and our schedules officially nuts.  J with teaching, coaching, mowing lawns still and hunting season upon us.  Me with A, daycare, Young Living, and Family Promise; we decided to skip the clinic and go straight to sending our application in for the lottery coming up at the end of this year or beginning of next.  Although our favorite worker is no longer at our agency, we did have a great experience with them and it’s $18,000 – $20,000 for an adoption through them vs. 35,000-40,000 without travel through a national agency.  If God wants us to grow our family, it’ll either be through LSS or a miracle natural pregnancy.  If he doesn’t, we’re perfectly satisfied with A; any other children are a bonus.

While I am not at all looking forward to all that damn paperwork again, I really hope we get chosen to start this January because I’d really like a sibling for her sooner rather than later.


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