12 Month Update

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since our Sweet Girl came into our lives. 1 year ago, yesterday, around 10am, we were meeting our baby for the very first time.  We were immediately overwhelmed with love both for A and for her Birth Mom.  The next 9 days were filled with snuggles and worry, both about getting her to eat enough and also N changing her mind as she came every day to visit her.  Now of course, I can look back and be so glad that she did so that we can tell A that.  Also, J was able to get to know her on a better level each day as he was the one there while I worked.  A year has passed and she has gotten so big and learned so much.  She is a sweet, smart, funny little girl that makes us laugh and smile on a daily basis.

Weight:  17.4 lbs.
Height:  Not sure…we need to get her first mark on her height chart that finally got hung up in her room.

Medical Issues:  We had a nerve-wracking week leading up to her Birthday.  Last Sunday evening, she came down with a fever and it lasted through Wednesday.  Even when her cheeks were cool, the rest of her felt like a furnace so Mama spent the week feeling overheated as A didn’t want to be put down much at all.  Wednesday evening she had 3 blow outs in a row which is very unusual and made me start freaking out about E. Coli.  There’s a bit of an outbreak going on in our county with no clue as to where these kids are getting it from.  As you know, one of my daycare babies was extremely ill with it and praise God, came home this past Thursday when a few weeks ago, we didn’t know if she was going to make it.  There’s still health concerns and she won’t be coming back to daycare anytime soon due to the blood clot in her brain, but she’s home with her family.  Anyways, the blowouts started having me concerned so I made a Dr. appt for the next day (her birthday).  Thursday morning, she woke up cool as a cucumber for the first time since Sunday so I called and left a message to cancel the appt.  In the time I left that message and they called back, she projectile spit up twice so they patched me through to Dr. G’s nurse and she said to come in just to be on the safe side.  We went in and Dr. G was fairly sure it was an upper viral infection because her throat was red and she could see post nasal drip but we did a stool culture to rule out E. Coli.  We’re still waiting on those results.  A had a couple more blowouts on Friday with a very raw butt, but was fine yesterday and so far so good today.  We made it exactly a year before we had to go to the Dr. for an unwell visit.  I know some you poo poo my talk of Young Living, but I completely attribute how healthy she is to the support she receives from essential oils and the fact that none of our cleaning products or personal care products have toxins in them.  Thieves cleaner cleans just as well as (better in my opinion) chemical toxic cleaners and I’m not poisoning my child, pets or J and I.  Do you realize what those ingredients do to our bodies and that most countries have outlawed them but of course the US grandfathered them in because hey it means more money for the Big Pharm companies?  This kiddo was 4-6 weeks early, spent 9 days in NICU and went straight into daycare upon arriving home and up until this past week she’s had 3 colds and only one of them bad.  Thank you D. Gary Young!!!

Sleep:  She did sleep through the night Friday night and I think she would’ve last night too if she hadn’t fallen asleep at 6pm.  It was exhausting being adored by everyone at her birthday party, lol.  She is back in our room now in the pack and play because she was guaranteed to wake up every night while she was sick and it was easier to just pull her into our bed from there than have to go into her room.  She’s been spending the 2nd half of the night in our bed.  Sometimes it’s fine and sometimes she’s restless and kicks or bangs her head into Mommy’s head multiple times like last night.

 Clothing Size:  Her 6 month clothes are finally getting too small and we’ve packed most up unless it says 6-12 months on it.  Pants are 9-12 months and PJ’s are mostly 12 months with a few 9 months still in the mix.

Diaper size:  Finishing up the last box of size 3’s and then I think we’ll move on up to 4’s.

Diet:  Still on Up and Up brand formula and usually sticks with 4 oz. at a time still.  She is not a fan of milk.  We’ve tried whole and skim and she makes horrible faces at both.  She does better on coconut milk but still prefers water or formula.  I have not tried the coconut milk in a bottle yet though, just a sippy, so I might try that next.

Baby gear love:  Same as last month…She likes to go for walks in the stroller and is loving her toy that she can walk behind.  She also still likes her activity table.  Having her on the front of me in the carrier can be hard on my back for long periods ( she was in it a lot this week though so I could hold her and do daycare)  and I haven’t figured out how to put her on my back by myself.  She only goes in her jumparoo if I desperately need a shower and J’s not here to watch her.

Milestones/Firsts:  I wouldn’t say we have a walker yet, but she is toddling a few steps at a time.  I think she would have been doing more by her birthday if she hadn’t gotten sick.  Today was the most she took at 5 steps.  She also tries to climb everything now.  She bear crawls everywhere vs. normal crawling.  She started gymnastics and was supposed to start swimming but was sick for the first class so we start that tomorrow.  She has super strong legs and can stand up anywhere, no need to hold onto anything.  Her favorite place to do this is the middle of the bath tub.  She officially has blankets in her crib and sleeps much better, especially at nap time being covered up.  I’ve mostly stopped panicking about this.  Also, more teeth.  Her lateral incisors are popping through on top.  Her first birthday party!

Likes:  Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and cousins, Baths…loves, loves, loves bath time, being told she’s beautiful,  sitting up, standing up, her paci, rocking and singing (I made up a special lullaby for her that I sing every time she goes to sleep), the letter of the day song from Sesame Street and Micky Mouse Club…especially Toodles!  Getting into everything, putting everything in her mouth, making messes, eating, the puppies, crawling into the kitchen cupboards.  Our lazy susan cupboard broke a long time ago so we pulled it all out and put tins in there that she can go it and play with.  Cupcakes and frosting…enough said, lol.  Being outside and especially leaves.

Dislikes:  Still hates getting changed and getting her dressed is even worse (although got a little better while she was sick so hopefully that sticks).  Not looking forward to having to more clothes on her with fall and winter ahead.  Sleeping!!!  Being held when she wants to move and being put down when she wants to snuggle.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget:  Our first family pictures.  When she realized she could eat the frosting from the smash cake and how she really dug into it once she realized how yummy it was.  Her first steps.  Her 1st birthday party and how loved she and we are by our tribe.  We rented a park shelter and we were worried about it being cold and rainy…instead it was almost 100 and so humid!  We left the cakes at home until it was time so they didn’t melt, lol.  We did a taco bar and bbq.

What’s next?:   Fully walking and still need to transition away from formula.  She has her 1 yr well visit on Oct. 2nd.  Her visit to the orchard/pumpkin patch.

How’s Mommy doing?  I’m doing better.  Still eating like crap and not exercising, but put a plan into place for Young Living and teaching classes so I’m happy about that.  Daycare is a little rougher this year.  I have one crier (although it’s slowly getting better), 1 non eater, and 1 special needs that is luckily just before and after school because I don’t think I’d be able to do it otherwise.

How’s Daddy doing?  Back to school and coaching while also still mowing lawns and bow hunting has started.  The saving grace is that it’s too freaking hot to hunt right now.    After a long week of sickness and getting ready for and holding her bday party, he let me sleep til I woke up this morning at 9:40am so I’m thoroughly appreciative of him today!

Pictures from the last month:

A few pics from our family photos we had done.

And more from the month and her party!

10 thoughts on “12 Month Update

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to A! Not sure if you have thought about it or heard about doing this is…. One thing you can try is to mix 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk. I think we even did 3 ounces at first of formula and 1 oz of milk. We eventually increased the amount of milk in the bottle and decreased the amount of formula. I know our dtr liked it warm better at first than cold. Our Dr said we could do this to transition her to milk.

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