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15 months

Wow…I have become an even shittier blogger since M arrived on the scene and I wasn’t doing that great to begin with.  I am doing my best to keep up on reading your blogs though I’m a bit behind due to the craziness of the holidays.

Our monkey turned 15 months on the 21st and y’all when I say monkey, I’m not even partly kidding.  She can climb into, onto and out of pretty much anything.  My heart jumps into my throat and my stomach drops at least 10 times a day.  People see her and ask if she’s walking yet because she’s such a peanut…I just laugh.  She’s pretty much able to run now and the kid has the most unbelievable strength and determination.  She doesn’t stop except to sleep.

Thankfully, she still takes a 2-3 hr afternoon nap most days and has been sleeping through the night the last few nights.  We got back into the habit of just bringing her into bed with us for a week or 2 when she’d wake up crying in the night and not lay right back down like she was for a long time.  The other night I got fed up with that and let her cry it out and she’s slept through the night since.  Of course, today she woke up with major eye boogers which means a cold for her.  Hopefully, we can nip it in the bud fairly quickly and it doesn’t get too bad.

Eating is hit and miss these days.  My former vegetable eater no longer eats veggies except avocado and is that actually a vegetable or just a healthy fat?  I don’t even know.  She does still love fruit and she loves the fruit pouches so I get a lot of fruit and veggie ones for her.  She loves most pasta.  She pretty much always eats amazingly for my Mom but I can feed her the same thing and she’ll put her nose up to it.  Dang kid!  She totally has her Mama’s sweet tooth though.  Uh oh!!!  I’m that horrible parent that hasn’t weaned her off the bottle yet or formula totally for that matter.  It’s in the house because of M and sometimes, I don’t have time to wait for whole milk to warm up as she’s melting down.  That bottle can be a total mood changer for her sometimes.  I’m not too worried about it.  It’s not like she walks around with one in her mouth all day or takes it to bed with her.  Plus, she only drinks 4 oz at a time so it doesn’t even take her that long to empty it, lol.

A is into pretty much everything and she’s obsessed with putting her hands in the dog bowl, eating dog food and putting her hands in the toilet….yes, I have that kid.  It totally grosses me out.  I pray to God she outgrows these phases soon.  She can be playing on one end of the house and if she hears the fridge, dishwasher, pantry or bathroom door open on the other end of the house, she’s there in about 2 seconds.  The poor dogs are probably dehydrated half the time because we can’t keep their bowls down anymore.  She loves playing in her bedroom and we’ve had to rearrange all rooms and take furniture out of them because we can see how she will use it to climb to places that are dangerous for her to be.  The day before yesterday I was in the back room changing M, came out to the kitchen where we have a built in hutch and she had figured out how to get up onto a chair and onto the hutch and she was standing in the middle of it.  Dumped all her cheese puffs on the floor and got the maple vanilla ones open and was eating them.

Christmas was great…she didn’t give a damn about opening gifts but she got lots of love and attention from our families.  The girls are going to stay overnight at my Mom’s tomorrow night so that I can get the house cleaned and ready for daycare to start again on the Tuesday.   Exciting New Year’s Eve, I know.   It’s been so nice to just be able to sleep til’ the girls wake up but that’s about to be over.  😦  We had to move the playroom back upstairs because I have a baby starting that is 2 days older than M and I’m not carrying them up and down the stairs several times a day while also having to help A because she thinks she can walk down the steps like an older kid…no scooting on her tummy or bottom like any normal toddler!

She keeps us on our toes but we sure do love her to pieces.  She’s getting a little better with M too…well, at least sometimes.  She does still like to grab her nuks and bottles but sometimes she’ll take her bottle and then try to feed it to M which is really cute.

I pray that you all have a wonderful 2018.  I pray that each of you that are still waiting find your way to feeling peace in the coming year.  Happy New Year, my Friends!

Update: Went in for her 15 month appt yesterday and she was 18.2lbs and almost 30 inches.

Pics from the last month or so:

13 (almost 14) Month Update

Where is the time going?  I can’t believe we’re officially in the start of A’s 2nd Holiday Season!

Weight:  18.4lbs
Height:  28.5 inches

Medical Issues:  Nothing….thank goodness.  She’s been the picture of health, knock on wood!

Sleep:  Again, knock on wood…she’s back to sleeping in her crib in her own room and for the past couple of nights, has slept straight through.  Even when she does wake up in the night, she almost always goes right back to sleep after I go in, give her a hug, lay her back down and start her light up/ musical giraffe from her Birth Mom.  Once in awhile we have to let her cry it out.  I knew a couple of weeks ago I had to sleep train her before J left on his hunting trip this past Thursday.  The first night I laid her down after rocking her to sleep and she got about 4 different times.  The first 3, one of us would go in and just stay by her crib til she fell back to sleep.  The last time, after each of us standing next to her for about 45 min all together, we had to let her cry it out.  She cried for 15-20 min and then went to sleep and since then, it’s just gotten better and better.  Pray the next sleep regression is a long way off or never comes, lol.

 Clothing Size:  We’re pretty solidly in 12 months.  She has a couple 9 month jammies that need to get packed away and still fits into some 9 month onesies.

Diaper size:  We are onto 4’s now.

Diet:  A still gets 2-3 bottles a day with the first one always being whole milk and the last before bed always formula.  Honestly, I’m not in a hurry to take the bottle away.  I don’t understand why BF Mom’s are encouraged to keep going yet they want bottle fed babies stopped right at 12 months.  As usual, what they say doesn’t fly with me.  She drinks water or cold whole milk out of a sippy cup the rest of the day but sometimes, my girl just needs a bottle and I’m not ready to give up the nutrients she gets from the formula.  Otherwise she has 3 meals and usually 2 snacks a day.  This girl takes after her Mama and loves sweets.

Baby gear love:  I guess I can probably get rid of this category.  😦  It’s getting a bit too cold for walks now and she doesn’t really use any baby gear anymore.  The front carrier once in awhile if I need my hands and she needs to be held.

Milestones/Firsts:  It’s crazy to read the 12 month update of her not quite walking yet.  If we’re FB friends, you’ll know she’s part toddler/part monkey.  Not only she is walking now but she’s practically running and this girl, she can climb anything.  If you didn’t see the video, she went from the floor, to the top of her toy box, launched herself onto Daddy’s recliner which is next to the half wall that separates our living room and kitchen.  She then stood on the arm of the recliner and I didn’t catch it in the video, but earlier that day she had her knee all the way up on the top of the half wall which is pretty high and was ready to launch herself onto the counter.  And she can do this in like less than a minute.  I’ll turn around to set LO down in the rock and play, turn around and A will be on top of something.  Also, child proof locks got nothing on this girl and she gets into everything.  I’ve had to rearrange some stuff that I don’t want her into, lol.  She will once in awhile wave goodbye or try and blow kisses.   She’s also become a big sister (at least for the time being) since the last update.  She is NOT loving it.    Let’s see, I can tell you what she’s not doing.  Talking.  Like very little so now I’ve gone from the person that tells parents not to worry, they do it in their own time, to the parent that’s doing the worrying.  She says Dada, but not necessarily meaning J, once in a great while she’ll say done, but that’s really it.  She refuses to say Mama although my Mom says she says it at her house sometimes.

Likes:  Mommy and Daddy (she’s totally become a Daddy’s girl…makes me a wee bit sad), Grandma and cousins, Baths…loves, loves, loves bath time.  Her musical/light up giraffe from her birth mom.  Her crib (Yay!), climbing everything, peekaboo.  She’ll be out of sight and I’ll sing “Where oh Where oh Where is Annabelle?  Where oh Where oh Where is Annabelle?  Where oh Where oh Where is Annabelle?  Where could Annabelle be be be?  And sometimes she’ll coming running in and sometimes she’ll try and be sneaky about it but it’s super cute either way.  She likes the toilet way too much.  This child gets into and climbs way more stuff then any daycare kid I’ve ever had.

Dislikes:  Being pulled away from whatever she’s climbing or getting into if it’s something I really would rather she didn’t have.  Her winter hat.  Having a baby in the house 24/7.  Sharing anything with the dc kids.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget:  The where oh where is Annabelle song and how she always comes because of it.  Her belly laugh and her toothy grin.  Her snuggles and open mouth kisses that I get her to do every once in a while.

What’s next?:   Hopefully some more language skills.  Her 2nd Thanksgiving where she can fully enjoy the food this time.  The wonders of the Christmas tree and figuring out how to baby proof it.

How’s Mommy doing?  Not gonna lie…taking care of many different kids from daycare does not prepare you for an almost 14 month old and a newborn 24/7.  LO is not as easy of a baby as A was…but really, I know A spoiled us and most aren’t that easy.  I’m exhausted a lot of the time and trying to balance my attention between the two is quite difficult.  I’m ready for hunting season to be over so Daddy is around more often.

How’s Daddy doing?  Right now he’s away in Wyoming on a hunting trip with his Dad.  They’re having a great time although no deer yet and both really needed and deserved this trip.  It’s been rough being a single parent for the past 4 days though.  They’ll leave to come home at dark tonight so should be home sometime tomorrow morning.

Pictures from the last month and a half: