I can’t believe I missed her 9 month update!

Ladies…this summer has been jam packed!!!  I thought I’d have more time since I’m not working but we’ve done a lot of traveling and had a lot of chaos with fostering (that will be my next post).  So, what has Miss A been up to for the past 2 months…so much!  She turned 10 months on the 21st!  I sadly forgot to take her 9 month sticker pics.  😦
Weight: 16.2lbs at her 9 month appt on July 21st which was 13%.  At her NICU follow up on June 20th, she was 15.12 which put her in 12% for chronological age and 29% for adjusted age.  
Height:  At 9 month appt she was 26.75 I believe.  At NICU, she was 26.38 which put her in the 10th and 36th percentile respectively.

Medical Issues:  she’s getting her top 2 teeth to n so she’s been having blow outs since Sunday (so much fun) and a runny nose started yesterday.  Other than that, she doesn’t seem to be in pain.  Otherwise, Dr. G was super happy with how she’s growing and how healthy she’s been.

Sleep:  She has been in her crib in her own room since school got out.  Our schedule is all over the place this summer but she still typically takes 2 naps a day ranging from 1-2 hrs and 10-11 hours at night.

 Clothing Size:  anywhere between 6-12 months.  She needs bigger Jammie’s because of long legs but everything else is is in the 6-9mo range.

Diaper size:  still size 3’s

Diet:  She’s up to 5 oz for the first bottle of the day and 4 oz for the rest of them.  She will eat pretty much anything including shrimp and salmon.  She really got a chance to try new things when we were out in CT over 4th of July.  She’s not crazy about a lot of baby food anymore and trying to feed it to her if she’s not in the mood for it equals a big mess, lol.  She still is a huge fan of pickle spears!

Baby gear love:  A is loving her activity table.  She stands up next to and will even let go for a second or two once in awhile.  She seems to like stroller rides and still does her jumparoo a couple times a day.  Being in the lillebaby depends on her mood.

Milestones/Firsts:  SO many these last couple of months!  Her first week away from both of us!  She had so many cousins and Grandma to love on her though so I don’t think she missed usas much as we missed her.  She got her first tooth, bottom left the last week of June and the bottom right quickly followed the next week while in CT.  She took her first long road trip with us to CT and aced it!!!  We started in the evening and drove through the night and there and back she slept almost the whole time and when she was awake, she was happy.  She met all of my CT friends and family and got majorly loved on!   She had her first sailboat ride, colony pizza and Sakura.   She went on her first camping trip last weekend and all of us went to our first lumberjack competition in Hayward, WI.  So fun!  She has started pulling herself up to her knees, okay, she did it once but she is on the move these days.  I think she’s going to skip crawling and go straight for walking.  We also had to finally lower her crib after she woke up one night at 2:30am and spent 30 min getting up on her hands and knees.  She practices drinking from a soppy cup and holds her own bottle now.  We have glass bottles so that took a little longer for her to do.  Moving up to her big car seat in one of our cars.  There is probably more that I’ll think of when this is published!

Likes:  Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and cousins, Baths, being told she’s beautiful,  sitting up, standing up, her paci, roocking and singing, the letter of the day song from Sesame Street and Micky Mouse Club…especially Toodles!  

Dislikes:  She is generally over the separation anxiety, especially when I take her to my Mom’s.  She’ll still act shy and take a little warning up to go to others but doesn’t generally cry unless she’s tired.  Getting changed and dresses.  It now feels like an Olympic support that leaves me sweaty and exhausted.  Super fun when she’s having multiple blow outs!!!  Her car seat sometimes.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget:  Her stubbornness!  This girl can throw a fit these days!  How happy she is most of the time.  How she laughs with us when she’s doing something that cracks us up which is daily.   How she’ll still snuggle in and lay her head on my shoulder when she’s tired but not overtired.  How much she lives her Dadfy and puppies.

What’s next?:  I’m thinking more pulling herself up and starting to walk Ali g furniture and stand without holding onto anything.  One more month before work starts again and we’re back into more of a routine. 

How’s Mommy doing?  Ummm, better than at her 8 month update but because of stuff that’s gone on with fostering, still a lot of emotional upheaval happening.  I still love almost every moment of being A’s Mommy. We’ve made our plan for the future which I’ll tell you about on my next post.  I wish I didn’t have the financial pressures of trying to get more kids in here for the fall but unfortunately, I do.

How’s Daddy doing?  Better than at the 8 month update.  Not perfect, but way better and picks himself back up and starts over when he has a slip.  Super busy with lawn mowing, flipping lawn mowers and the numerous projects we have to do around here. 

Pics from the last 2 months: 

Dang it’s been a long time

Ladies…I. Any believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted a none password protected post!  For this of you that read those…it’ll be 30 days tomorrow!

So, what have we been up to?  Finishing up the school year and then 2 days later, J and I hopped in the car and headed to Utah for Young Living’s Grand Convention in Salt Lke City.  On the way, we stopped in South Dakota to check out Mt. Rushmore.  It was beautiful!  J’s birthday was this past month and he unfortunately, spent most of it in the car and finished it up with me in excruciating abdominal pain and vomiting. 

The pain started about an hour before we arrived at our hotel and I thought it was just gas bubbles because I get those sometimes and need to lay completely flat for awhile to get rid of them.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go away and I began to vomit too.  When it was still no better by 1am, we headed to the nearest ER where they started an IV and did some blood tests.  It was tender when he pushed on either side of my abdomen so when the blood tests came back with nothing to tell us, I went for a CT scan.  Diagnosis was colitis and we left the ER at about 6am with 4 prescriptions.  2 antibiotics, 1 for zofran and 1 for hydrocortisone.  

We went straight back to the hotel to sleep for a few hours because I was due to volunteer at 11:30am for our Royal Crown Diamond’s leadership dinner that she puts on every year.  She is also amazing knowledgeable on what oils/supplements to use to support your body to be at optimal wellness so the good news was that not only did I save money by not getting those prescriptions filled, but I also kept a whole lot of crappy toxins out of my body.  Unfortunately, one of the things I need to do is overhaul the diet to see what is causing the flare ups.  I did my best to stay away from dairy this week but dang is that hard…especially for a girl from WI!  We’ll be arriving home in about 4 hours from the drive back so the real overhaul will start then.  

Back to Convention…despite it starting in a horrible way, I had so much fun and learned so much!!!  J has fully caught the vision of helping others learn to live a chemical free life.  The reason we are so passionate about this is because of our infertility and how there’s a direct correlation of so many toxic chemicals causing reproductive issues.  

I am going to try posting a link here for you guys and hopefully it will work.  It will take some of your time to listen to it.  A great time to do it is driving in the car but I’m asking you to please take the time to do it.  You all are some of the best friends I have and I know that I was not aware of a lot of this info so I want to make sure everyone I know is.  

Toxin Free 101
Much love to you all!


8 Months

8 months and I hardly remember what love de was like before A arrived!  Oh yes, I could take off t the grocery store without it being a major production, lol.  

Weight:  I still have no idea.  Hi should probably do the weigh Mae/weigh her thing one of these days because we don’t have an appointment until July which I think I need to change because we’ll be in CT now.

Height:  Again, no idea.
Medical Issues:  Nothing much to report.  She’s had a running nose the last few days but I think it’s due to teething.  Unfortunately, we don’t even see the white bumps yet.
Sleep:  she’s waking up earlier than she used to.  Usually sometime in the 6am hour.  She goes down between 7:30-8:30 most nights.  Last week, we transitioned out of the sleepsuit after a warm front came through and we weren’t ready to turn air on just to keep her in it.  Plus, she was gett by close to being able to roll to her tummy in it so it was time to lose it anyways.  I moved the glider from the living room to our room so our new routine is that we go in and I pray over her, sing “You are my sunshine” and then an assortment of praise and worship songs while we rock.  She’s usually asleep by the end of the first worship song but I keep rocking through a few more because I treasure every moment of it.
 Clothing Size:  Mostly 6-9 months with a few 3-6 month things still in the mix.
Diaper size:  size 3’s
Diet:  Same as last month with add by in finger food to practice hand mouth coordination.  Oh, and this little girl seriously loves her some pickle spears!  If you have any BLW advice for healthy foods to try first with her…I’d appreciate it!

Target up and up infant formula. This is her schedule for the last week or so: 7-8am: get up, changed and have a 4 oz bottle. About 30-45 min later, she has oatmeal with fruit in it. About 2 hrs after she gets up, she goes back down for about a 2 hr nap. Wakes up and has a 4 oz bottle. Around 12:30pm, we have a veggie and fruit. About 2 hrs after her morning nap, she goes down for the afternoon for 2-3 hrs. Wakes up and has a 4 oz bottle. Then she usually has a 3 oz bottle sometime in the evening and a little cat nap. In the 7pm hour she has rice and fruit and tops it off with a 2 oz bottle before bedtime.
Baby gear love:  This girl is all about the jumparoo now and we started using her  regular sitting up, face forward stroller a couple weeks ago.  We also just got her ear muffs for the fireworks season.  Not sure how thrilled she is with them but they make mama happy!
Milestones/Firsts:  first riddle  n the regular stroller, riding in the seat part because f the cart, sleeping in her pack and play or crib without the sleepsuit.  She tried bread, crackers, puffs, meatballs and chicken this month and eats any and all purees.  We haven’t found anything she absolutely refuses yet.  She also had her first overnights at Grandma’s without Mommy or Daddy.  I think it was harder on us.  As I looked for pics for this month, I remembered first strawberry, first picnic and first ice cream.
Likes: mommy and Daddy, Baths, playmat, changing table, being told she’s beautiful, tag blankets, jumperoo, sitting up, her paci, rocking and singing, the letter of the day song from Sesame Street and Micky Mouse Club…especially Toodles!
Dislikes: not being able to see Mom and Dad. She’s starting to get a bit of the seperation anxiety although she does fine after we leave. Being in places where she doesn’t have her normal routine.  That’s all I can think of right now but there’s gotta be more.
Things I Don’t Want to Forget:  Praying, sing and rocking her to sleep.  How much she lives slurping on a pickle.  How happy she is most of the time.  The way she arches her back and pushes off her feet to get places.  I call it the inchworm.  How her face lights up at the beginning of a Mickey episode and when they call for toodles. 
What’s next? Still hoping for creeping and crawling.  Trying out more BLW.  
How’s Mommy doing?  I’m not going to lie, it’s been one of my roughest months yet.  I don’t want to write about it on here because there’s too many judgmental people that could find it.  Let’s just say there’s been a lot going on with J and I.  Maybe I will find the guts to do a password protected post for those of you that I know I can lean on.
How’s Daddy doing?  Like I said, things have been really rough.  

Pics from the last month: