Sorry for the late update!  Everything went well.  There was a significant amount of endometriosis on my bladder, which totally explains the midnight and 3am bathroom runs.  There was some on my appendix and 2 small cysts on my right ovary.  Dr. R told J that it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time.  On one hand, that makes sense because the last time I’d had it done, it’d been growing for 22 years.  However, I was still a little surprised because of how bad the cramping had gotten lately.

We left the hospital about 3:30pm (had to be there at 8:30am).  We barely made it a few blocks and had to stop at the gas station because my mouth was so dry.  It was crazy busy so it took J a bit in there and I totally should have gone in and used the bathroom, but didn’t.  Well, I couldn’t make it home so then we had to stop  at Hardee’s to use the bathroom and since I hadn’t eaten all day, we also grabbed hot ham and cheese’s.  It has been that way the rest of the time.  I have to pee constantly.  I do have it drawn out to about every 45 minutes instead of 15 so I guess there’s some improvement.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night.  Luckily, I have Lorelei and Rory to keep me company.  Unfortunately, I’m already 6 episodes into season 6 so they won’t be keeping me company too much longer.  They totally need to do a Gilmore Girls reunion!

Painwise, it hasn’t been too bad yet.  My throat is pretty sore from the tube so I’m sipping water often.  If you want to stop eating bread, my suggestion is get a tube put down your throat because once it comes out; any bread, bun, or muffin kind of sticks in there and you need a drink to wash it down.  The incisions hurt the most when I go to the bathroom, but I did just take a pain pill to be one the safe side.  I plan to try and stay away from them as much as I can though so I don’t have to deal with constipation side effect.

Thank you again for all the love, support and prayers!  I don’t know what I would do without you all.  I know I still need to answer some comments on my password protected post.  I haven’t forgotten, just haven’t had the brain to form the comments yet, lol.

Lots of Love~Dawn

Essential Oils and Fertility

I’ve been wanting to write a post about essential oils for awhile now and since I’ve seen a few of you mention them on your blogs, I thought now would be a good time.  I am going to start with a disclaimer.

I am in no way an expert or a medical professional.  I am not diagnosing in anyway but sharing the information that I have gathered over the last year (well, a year in November) working with essential oils.  I also want to say that I am an Independent distributor/wholesale member with Young Living.

The ONLY essential oils I will promote or suggest you use is Young Living Essential oils and this is why.   Young Living’s oils are pure therapeutic grade oils and to prove it, they not only test in house to make sure that each batch is up to snuff, they also send them out to 3rd party independent labs.  There are many other companies out there that also say they are pure therapeutic grade (they only need to have 5% of the pure oil in there to be able to say it) but they add synthetics to make them smell better and to bring production costs down.  I will put any of the Young Living oils in a capsule and ingest it, but I would never suggest that with any other company because the synthetics they may put in them can be toxic.  Also, anything you put on your skin gets into your blood stream in like 23 seconds, so if I’m not willing to swallow them, I’m also not willing to rub them on my skin.  One of Young Living’s most popular oils, Valor, has been out of stock for a long time (it’s nickname is Chiropractor in a bottle).  Although we all find it frustrating, it’s because one of the oils in it (it’s a blend) has not passed the tests to be pure therapeutic grade and he’s working on a new farm to grow that particular tree that he needs so it will be up to snuff.  If it doesn’t pass the rigorous tests, that oil will be out of stock until it does…Gary Young will not put out a less quality oil just to meet demands and that integrity is why they are the only company I will use or promote.   They also don’t price their oils on supply and demand, but on how much of the plant/tree they need to make the oil.  Example:  Rose oil is one of the most expensive oils they make because it takes 5000 lbs of rose petals to distill 1 lb of essential oil.  Where as lemon oil, one of the most versatile and popular oils there is only like $11 at the wholesale price for a 15 ml bottle (that’s 250-300 drops and you only need a drop or 2 at a time).

Now that I’ve shared a little bit of information about essential oils (and there is so much more to know…I haven’t even begun to learn all I can) and why I will only use Young Living, I wanted to share some protocols with you on infertility.  I went to a class a month or two ago called “Surviving with Modern Medicine Fails”.   This class is based on a book of that same name by Dr.  Scott A. Johnson.   This is from the About the Author section in the book:

Scott Johnson is the bestselling author of four books and more than 250 articles featured in online and print publications.  He has a doctorate in naturopathy and is a board certified Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP).  His evidence-based approach to natural healing and experience conducting medical research makes him a leading expert on essential oils.  One of his research focuses is the safely of essential oils, and he has published internationally on the subject.  Scott draws on his wealth of experience and diverse educational background as he travels the globe to share the secrets of natural healing with those who seek greater wellness.

I wanted to share 3 protocols that he has in his book.  Again, if you choose to try any of these protocols, I would only use Young Living’s oils.


Retention – Mix 5 drops each of geranium, frankincense, melaleuca, cypress, and rosemary in once of carrier oil (coconut, olive, or YL’s V6 oil) apply to tampon, insert vaginally, and retain overnight.

Topical – Massage the abdomen with 3 drops of each of rosemary, copaiba, lavender and cypress and cover with a hot compress.  Apply Progressence Plus according to label instructions.  Apply 3-5 drops of oregano (this is a hot oil so you may want to dilute first) thyme, basil, cypress, wintergreen, marjoram, and peppermint (layered in that order, one at a time) to the spine and massage into back on either side of the spine twice weekly.

Oral – Take a capsule filled with 10 drops of sandalwood and 5 drops of copaiba 1 to 3 times daily.

Infertility, Female

Topical – Apply 2 to 4 drops  of clary sage to the lower abdomen and mons pubis twice daily.  Apply 1 drop each of clary sage to the inside and outside of right ankle.

Oral – Take a capsule filled with 2 drops each of ylang ylang and frankincense and 1 drop each of fennel, clary sage, and geranium twice daily.

(I ordered these oils in my essential rewards going out today so I will take a pic when they arrive to share)

Infertility, Male

Topical – Apply 2 drops each of basil, sandalwood, and goldenrod to the inside of the ankles and on the wrists.  Apply 2 drops of geranium, basil, and cypress to the lower abdomen above the penis twice daily.

Oral – Take a capsule filled with 2 drops each of ylang ylang, frankincense, basil and cypress twice daily.

These are the 3 I wanted to share today, but honestly, I would recommend getting the book, there are way more protocols for all sorts of issues in it (including fibroids, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, and even hives Eventual Momma).   Plus he goes over what essential oils are, a brief history of them (used since biblical times), the importance of  oil purity and authenticity, usage and safety guidelines ( he tends to air on the side of caution and conservative), possible contradictions and drug interactions, skin sensitivity and reactions to topical usage and so much more.  If you would like to order the book, you can find it here on Amazon.

If you would like more information on Young Living or to look at their products, you can go to http://www.youngliving.org/drunning.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment or email me at dawnrunning@transformationthyme.com.  You can also get my contact info through the website above.

I hope that you  find this information useful and that I didn’t bombard you with too much.  Essential Oils have become one of my passions and except for during this whole tooth pain crap, I have pretty much replaced all my OTC’s with essential oils and all my cleaning products too.  Next I need to work on replacing my personal care products…I’ve done a few…toothpaste, deodorant and hand soap, but need to work on shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  🙂  Again, feel free to ask any questions you may have!!!

Recovery Time…

Before I get into my surgery and how it all went, I wanted to give you all an update on the young lady I wrote about in my last post.  P is doing well!  She is home surrounded by her family and loved ones.  Her physical healing has been faster then expected and she’s only having to do 1 pain killer in the morning and 1 at bed.  Otherwise they are able to keep most of the pain away with motrin throughout the day.  They are very much enjoying their time together as a family but they know they still have a long way to go, especially with the emotional trauma they have all endured.

Now for my surgery.  Dr. R performed a laparoscopy on Friday.  She had originally thought that I had stage 2 or 3 endometriosis, but when she got in there, it was stage 4.  I had endometrial cysts on both ovaries, some tissue on my left tube and all over my bladder.  She was able to get it all cleaned out and also dilated my cervix 3-4cm to help with the cervical stenosis.  She of course can’t give us exact numbers or statistics, but she believes that our chances of getting pregnant (possibly even naturally) have gone up quite a bit.  

When she talked to J while I was still in recovery, she suggested trying an IUI right away, but when she came in after I was awake and pretty coherent to show me the pics (which we got to keep, lucky me, a souvenir from surgery, lol) we decided that we’d try naturally this month because we are leaving on vacation in less than 2 weeks.  I’m staying on BCP for another week because we’re not allowed to BD for 2 weeks.  If I would’ve stopped them right away, I’d be ovulating before we could even BD.  

Recovery has been rough so far.  I don’t remember the reason why, but they basically pump air into you during the surgery, so now when I try to get a good deep breath, pain shoots through my ribs, chest, shoulders and into my upper back.  My abdomen is definitely sore, but by far the worst part is the air that is stuck inside still and causing all that other pain.  Also, I’m a tummy sleeper so having to be on my back all the time is so annoying.  I tried sleeping on my side but that just makes the pain worse.  J is staying home tomorrow to help with the daycare kids, but then he has to go into school Tuesday and Wednesday to finish up his hours for the school year.  Thursday is his Birthday and Friday is my last day of work and then I have a month off (so excited).

I did finally get a shower this morning and that felt great.  I tried to shave my legs though and that really didn’t work out, lol.  One of my daycare babies turns 1 today so we are going to venture out for a little bit to go to his party.  Other than that, it’s a lot of laying in bed, watching hgtv and looking at fb.  J has been the best, most supportive caretaker I could’ve have ever asked for.  I didn’t realize how difficult this surgery would actually be on him.  It sounds like he did a lot of pacing while he was waiting for the surgery to be over and for me to wake up.  

Right now, despite the pain (which I feel horrible even complaining about after knowing what that little girl has been through) I am feeling extremely Blessed.  All of the prayers that were said, the text messages checking in on me, Family and Friends stepping in to help out so I didn’t have to close daycare, I am very, very Blessed and Thank God for such awesome people in my life!  I hope you all are doing well!  You are all strong, remarkable women who deserve to get miracle babies!  Prayers going out to you all.



Google=My Enemy

I’m not entirely sure why, but I can’t seem to stay off Google this time around.  I had no problem last cycle.  I think it’s because we’re going to have to make a decision if this one doesn’t work.  Last month, I knew we’d just head right into another IUI cycle.  Now, we have big decisions ahead of us.  More IUI’s, IVF, or adoption?

I was firmly set on domestic infant adoption.  The agency we met with only adds a certain number of families each year depending on their numbers from the year before.  On one hand, I really like this because I like that they keep things to a certain number so you have more of a chance of being picked and hopefully not have to wait years and years.  On the other hand, they only get to add 7 this year.  They added 4 in January and they will add 3 more in June.  If there’s more than 3 families ready to proceed, they put the names in a lottery and pick.

I thought DH and I were on the same page but it turns out, he’s not ready to give up on IVF.  I, on the other hand, am scared to death.  I barely managed to get 2 mature follicles this last time with 4 days of follistim.  What if we spend all that money on meds and I hardly produce any eggs?  How much will it hurt?  The follistim didn’t hurt at all, but I don’t know what meds we’ll be on or where they will need to be injected.  And, have any studies been done on how all those hormones effect women years down the road?  Are my chances of cancer going to be increased because of all the drugs I’m injecting myself with?  I should really try and research and see if there’s any answers to that one.  I’m not great at researching and finding what I want, but I should at least try I suppose.

Now that we finally have moved onto injectables, does it make sense to try a couple more IUI’s?  There’s a cyst like sac on my right ovary that’s been there the past couple months so if this cycle doesn’t end with a bfp, they want to do an ultrasound to see what’s going on.  Possibly do laproscopy to see if I do indeed have endometriosis since I’ve always had painful periods.  If I have it, and they get it taken care of, then would it make sense to try a couple more IUI’s?

So many questions and fears right now.  DH says the decision is ultimately up to me, but I don’t want to make that decision by myself.  I don’t want him to later resent me if I choose adoption and we can’t afford to do IVF at a later date.  On top of that, I’m 37…they make 37 sound ancient in the IF world.  I am lucky that I have the most supportive DH and Family that anyone could ask for and I have several friends that I’ve been able to confide in.  Most of them have kids so they don’t know what it’s like, but they listen and are supportive.  Ultimately, I just need to find a way to stay relaxed these next 2 weeks.  Easier said then done.  Especially when it won’t stop raining here in WI.