Workin’ It!

You all have heard me complain about my weight, my lack of energy, and my overall health.  A little less than a month ago, I took back control over this part of my life.  First, I joined a gym that had just opened in my town. I went a couple of times and then took a full week of the week I headed out to CT for the weekend.  I met with the trainer there the Tuesday after Halloween (on our anniversary actually) and have been going solid ever since.

I signed up for 2 training sessions a month because they were running a deal, $40/month for 2 half hour sessions.  I need this because I need someone telling me what to do when it comes to strength training.  I’ve met with him 3 times now and it’s been fantastic.  This morning, a friend invited me to a free workout one of the fitness places was doing.  It’s opening day of deer hunting here so it was called the “Whitetail Widow’s Workout”, lol.  I was seriously scared going in because it was a boot camp type class and I’ve never done one of those before.  I thought for sure I was going to die during it.  Turns out, I’m getting stronger because I made it through.  The hardest part was lunges with a upside down kettle ball in the same hand of the leg you were lunging with and that’s only because my right lower back is still tweaked so I was really feeling it there.  I forgot to start my heart rate monitor right when we started warming up, but still burned over 450 calories during the workout.  Afterwards, we went and got breakfast at Panera and I ran a few errands.  By the time I got home, I had burned 1070 calories, all because I started my day with that workout.  It felt fantastic!

2 weeks ago, I started overhauling my food.  The first week, I did great for the first few days and then Thursday afternoon, it went down hill.  Still doing better than I was, but not fantastic.  This past week, I did awesome on food Monday – Friday at lunch.  Tuesday night was the only night I had any kind of bread throughout that time.  I also ate all the veggies that I had bought a couple weeks ago and didn’t throw anything out for going bad except a little lettuce.  This is AMAZING for me.  I’m always the person that buys veggies with good intentions, and then throws pretty much all of it out because it went bad.  Although I’m trying to keep it really healthy during the week, I’m giving myself more of a break on the weekends.  I’m enjoying what I want, but not going overboard. I’ve only had 2 sodas in 2 weeks which is huge for me.

So, what have these changes gotten me so far.  At my heaviest, I was 171.4, I think.  When I did my weight and measurements on 10/29, the morning I left for CT, I was 169.6, after 2 weeks of getting to the gym at least 3 times a week and doing better on food, I’m down to 166.6.  It’s not a lot in a months time, but I’ll take it.  I was also down an inch in my chest, waist, and abs.  No change in my hips but I don’t have a lot of fat in that area.  I also lost 1/2 an inch on my right thigh which means my thighs are now the same size, lol.  No change in arms or calves or left thigh.  But more than this even is that I’m no longer having chest pains!  I know, I don’t think I actually mentioned these before, I don’t think I even told J how often they were happening, but it was pretty frequently, especially after drinking a Coke.  I also have slightly more energy.  I wouldn’t say it’s a crazy amount, but it’s way more than I used to.  I would say I’m actually sleeping worse because I drink so much water, especially on the nights that I work out that I get up to pee a lot, lol.

So, where do I go from here?  I’m just going to keep working out at least 3 times/week and hopefully get it closer to 5 times/week most weeks and keep working on incorporating the veggies in and the carbs out.  I have noticed that somethings that I loved don’t taste as good anymore (like my peppermint mocha from Starbucks) and last night we went out for fish and it seemed so greasy to me!  I only ate a piece and a half and most of my small baked potato and I was plenty full.

So that’s it.  My health update for the month.  My trainer wants to see my body fat percentage go down 2-3 points by our next appt on the 1st so hopefully, it will have!  I definitely plan on working out Thanksgiving morning and Friday morning before we do our family Thanksgiving’s those days.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Lots of Love~Dawn