We all know everyone’s favorite advice for an infertile is to “just relax, take a vacation”!  Well Folks, I’m doing it!  Friday was my last day of daycare for a month.  A MONTH!!!!  The last time I had a full month off was probably when I was 15, maybe even younger.  There were a couple of times as a nanny that I had 3 weeks off, but the last time I did, I got a barthilyn cyst shortly after arriving home and had to have surgery with a very long and painful recovery that took up all my time off plus some.  Anywho…a month…one month of no babies to care for.  One month of no spit up on my floor.   One month of no crying babies.  One month of no cuddles and kisses (not that I get much cuddling anymore, they’re all on the move now).  I am going to miss them, in fact, I already do.  I got a little weepy saying goodbye to them on their last days.  One won’t be back next year (Mom’s due right before school starts so she’s taking the year off.  One is gone for the whole summer and will start back in fall (I know you’re not supposed to play favorites but he’s J and I’s favorite because J’s been friends with his Dad since college) and one will be back July 14th (she is a total cutie and I LOVE her parents).  I also have a new guy starting July 14th so hopefully, that will go well.  But until then, all I have to do is relax!  🙂

So, first up, we are headed to Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, WI.  It’s a State Park that has amazing hiking trails and a lake in the shape of a foot.  It’s like Paul Bunyan just stepped down and it filled with water.  J’s Birthday was this past Thursday (the big 35) and we found a great deal on a boat on Craigslist.  We both know we shouldn’t be spending the money but like I told him, we’ve spent the last 2.5 years ttc with more bad then good happening so you know what, we deserve to have a little fun and we both LOVE being on the water.  My MIL and FIL are going to so it’s a celebration of J’s Bday and Father’s Day.  We head out tomorrow morning and we’ll come back Wednesday.  Then Wednesday night we have J’s and my nieces bday party with my family and then hopefully on Thursday (if we get done everything we need to get done) we head out to CT.  

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I spent 12 years out in CT being a nanny.  10 of those years were with the same family and that is who we will be staying with.  I am very close with them (their daughter was a bridesmaid in our wedding) and haven’t made it out there since July of (2012), right before we got engaged.  They have 3 kids that I cared for.  The oldest is turning 24 on the 24th and is making a name for himself writing and producing music for some pretty famous people.  I’m so proud of him for following his dreams.  He was 8 when I started.  H, the only girl, is turning 21 on Sunday, she was 5, people, 5 when I started.  She goes to Tulane and makes movies and one of them just won Best Drama at the UCLA film festival.  Again, so proud!  D, who was unable to make my wedding (along with his Dad) because Hurricane Sandy hit right before my wedding and they had no power (Jane barely made it here, had to be an act of God that she got a flight out) turned 13 last Sunday.  He wasn’t even a twinkle in their eyes when I started, lol.  So, we’ll land in CT on Friday or Saturday and that first week is already filled with plans that Jane has for us.  Sat. night is dinner in NYC for H’s bday and the Sunday is her actual birthday.  The 24th is a bbq for her J’s bday and the 25th is a cocktail/appetizer reception for everyone to come see J, H, D, J and I.  We may or may not get a break after that, lol.

The thing I love most about being in CT (besides being with this wonderful family and my other friends that I miss so much) is the FOOD!!!!  Sakura, Colony Pizza, Barcelona….I’m drooling at the thought of all that amazing food.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!  2 years without any of that food is just way too long IMO.  I also love that we’re only an hour from NYC and couple of hours from Boston so we get to go and enjoy those places too.

It won’t be a total break.  I will be bringing the opk’s and the preseed along.  We need to give this natural cycle our best effort.  She dilated my cervix during the surgery so that should help with the stenosis.  I’m trying to remember to take the fertile cm to help with my non existent mucas and I want to try and find those soft cups I’ve heard about.  Walmart didn’t have them when I looked.   So, I will be relaxed in a still trying kind of way, lol.

Recovery is almost complete.  I spent the day yesterday cleaning like crazy and shampooing carpets.  I definitely felt it today.  I was pretty crampy this morning but for the most part, the scabs are just itchy and starting to fall off.  I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer!