Project Weekend

J is in Colorado hunting. He left late Thursday night and will get back home on Wednesday. Knowing he was going to be gone, I purposely asked my Mom to take the girls for the weekend so I could get some much needed projects done around the house.

I have a room down in our basement that I want to set up as my office and it’s just been the catch all room. My goal was to get it all cleaned out and set up. I actually had several goals this weekend. I’ll bullet point them to make it easy.

  • Clean and completely organize and set up office.
  • Surprise J by having our neighbor come over and put in the carpet we’ve had sitting in the basement for 6 years come Black Friday. It’s for what is now A’s room. When he did the other 2 bedrooms like 5 years ago, our roommate was still here and in that room with big, heavy furniture so we decided to wait. I got tired of waiting. 😂
  • Get the twin bed frame we have painted and set up in A’s room so when she’s up in the middle of the night, I can stay in there with her if need be without sleeping in the floor.
  • Lower M’s crib Mattress
  • Spray paint a book shelf and some storage racks for the girls bedroom.
  • Clean our room and hang up pictures
  • Pull all the daycare toys into a different room I. Our basement and just put out one tote of toys and change it up every week so it’s easier for my younger group to do clean up each day.
  • Completely clean and organize living room and kitchen.
  • Sand down peeling paint on the door going out to the garage and spray paint it.
  • Clean our bathroom.

Out of those things, I went through all the paperwork that was in the soon to be office and got things moved around enough to actually walk in there. I got the toys pulled but still need to go down and pick out toys for the week. I got the bed frame painted but there were parts missing to completely put it together so my Mom is going to go to the store tomorrow and cut the wood to size for what I need and we’ll finish that up tomorrow. The new carpet is in! It looks so good! I may love the GB packers but I was tired of the Green Bay green carpet. I got M’s mattress lowered and their rooms set up with the newly spray painted storage. Last, but not least, I got the living room organized and cleaned and the kitchen partly organized and cleaned. I have carpet cleaners coming on Tuesday to do the area rugs in the living room and the carpet in the basement.

It feels good to have gotten so much done but now I need a weekend for everyone to be gone again so I can just relax on the couch with the dogs, lol.

Hope all is well with everyone and that you have a great weekend!

Lots of Love~Dawn

PS. Some after pics and one before of the kitchen.

New Protected Post

Just wrote a new protected password.  Usual password for those that have been following for awhile.  Email me if you need it:  Please make sure you let me know what blog you’re from when you email.  Can only give password out to those that I know.

Bella Boo is 2!

As usual, I’ve now gone months without writing or reading. Sorry guys…I just don’t know where my days go! Bella is go, go, go all the time and trying to clean or do laundry is about impossible when the girls are awake so I have to spend the time they’re sleeping doing everything instead of doing the relaxing I’d like to be doing.

So where are we at 2 yrs old? Her physicality is ridiculous. This girl can do things and has arm strength like I’ve never seen before in a toddler. One of my daycare families got her her 1st leotard. Their oldest daughter is a team gymnast so we’re going to to open gym with them one night so H can work with her.

Language is still lagging. She says a lot more words but unless you’re around her all the time, you probably wouldn’t know what she says half the time. Her attitude and sass often gets the point across though.

Words you can understand: cookie, candy, chip ( notice a pattern, lol), hi, bye, please, thank you (tanks), truck, Daddy, mommy, side (outside), Shark (for baby shark) and moo (foster baby…moo is part of her nickname). She is just starting to say love you and blows lots of kisses for bye bye.

Bella is a terrible eater when it comes to anything healthy( takes after her mama that way). Apple cinnamon fruit pouches are her favorite thing in the world right now so at least that’s halfway healthy. She still loves bottles and formula and often steals Moo’s so she’s going to be ticked when that goes away in 2 weeks, lol.

Bella is a mix of a little sugar and lots of sass. She’s determined, tenacious, stubborn and refuses to listen. Hopefully, these qualities will someday help her make her dreams come true. Right now, they just make mommy’s hair even more gray and lead to a lot of frustration for both of us.

All in all, I can’t wait to see what she learns over the next year! Hopefully, listening will be one of them. 😂😂😂