About Me

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my blog about dealing with the life of infertility.  My name is Dawn, I’m 37 years old and live in small town WI.  It took me almost 34 years to meet the Man of my dreams (actually, he’s beyond anything I dared to dream) so we got a late start on starting our family.  We were married on Nov. 3rd, 1012 but have been ttc since Oct. 2011.  J is a phyed/health middle school teacher and I am an in home childcare provider.  We have 4 fur babies, 1 black lab (Rocky) and 3 kitties (Charlie, Lucy, and Linus).   This blog is really just to document what we’re going through and a place for me to write and get my feelings and frustrations out.  I am not the most eloquent writer out there, but if this blog can help somebody out there not feel so alone in this journey, then I will be a happy camper!  🙂  Thanks for reading!!!

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