1 month

Sweet Little A turned 1 month on Friday.  Seriously, how has a month since we got the best news of our life gone by already?!  I meant to get this up on Friday, but when my life hasn’t slowed down at all, I’ve just added an infant to it all…it doesn’t leave a whole lot of extra time.  And I’m not so good and typing while holding A and I don’t like to put her down when I don’t have to.

Anyways, She is doing fantastic.

Age:  1 month

Weight: 7lbs 1oz

Height:  20 inches

She’s 3% for weight, 10% for height and 5th for head circumference.

Nicknames:  Annie, peanut, peanut butter cup,

Feeding:  She is still on Enfamil Enfacare which is their preemie formulas.  Her Dr. said that if she’s still doing well at her 2 mo. appt in 4 weeks, then she can switch to reg formula.  She’s eating between 2-3 oz every 3-4 hours.  She has started spitting up quite a bit in the last week or so but there’s no rhyme or reason to it and she doesn’t seem to be in any pain so we’re not worrying about it too much.

Sleeping:  Right now, this little girl is a fantastic sleeper.  I’m waiting for the day the other shoe drops and the good sleep stops.  Right now, she sleeps through everything…dogs barking/howling, kids screaming, me vacuuming!  She just finally started to stay awake for awhile after her 7:30 – 8:30am bottle and she also stays alert for awhile in the evenings.  In the middle of the night though, it’s drink the bottle and straight back to sleep.  Right now, we have her in the bassinet part of a pack and play on my side of the bed.  Usually in-between 5:30-6:30am…she decides she’s had enough of sleeping on her own and fusses until we bring her into bed to snuggle with one of us.  J is on leave right now so once I get up for work, I put her in by him and they usually sleep a couple more hours.

New things she’s learned:  She’s started to hold her neck up a little steadier.  She still flops it back when we’re least expecting it, but she also is starting to get a little more control over it.  I am anxiously awaiting that first on purpose smile.  She smiles all the time, especially in her sleep…hopefully the on purpose wants will be coming soon.  She didn’t just learn this but she seriously makes the cutest little sighs and squeaks!  I could listen to them all day!!!

The pups are handling her fairly well.  Bandit loves being in our laps and laying by her.  Rocky gets a little jealous of not getting a lot of attention right now, but other than that he’s fine.  Before we know it, he’ll be letting her climb all over him like he does the daycare kids.

Here are a couple 1 month pics (I’m no professional, lol):



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3 Weeks

Our Sweet Little A is 3 weeks old today and these have been the best 3 weeks of my life!

It is so clear to us that A was meant for us.  It is clear why the other adoption failed.  This little girl is so incredibly chill.  Dogs barking/howling, kids screaming and she just sleeps right through it all (and yes, she passed her hearing test).  She handles the chaos of our life like a champ!

We have been home for almost 2 weeks now.  J had to work last week and he left for an already scheduled hunting trip out West last night and won’t be home til Sunday so I’m single Mommying it for a few days.  Baby Girl is attending her first Young Living event this weekend.  We leave tomorrow after work and we get back late Saturday night.  Since she pretty much just eats and sleeps, I expect this won’t be too difficult.

Sleeping:  Like a champ most of the time.  We’ve had 2 difficult nights but difficult in the sense that she wanted to be held while sleeping, not in her bed.  The first time, I was up for a long time just holding her, the 2nd time we brought her into bed with us and she just cuddled into the crook of my arm, which brings me to the Owlet Monitor…OMG…I love that thing.  It gives me the peace I need at night to be able to sleep (well, for the most part).  So yeah, that 2nd night when she was in bed next to me, the alarm went off.  Talk about 2 adults jumping up fast!!!  There was nothing noticeably wrong with her but my phone said she had low oxygen levels.  And of course, she had finally fallen into a deep sleep so getting her to respond to us was not easy!  I am so glad that J was good with me getting that monitor though because it really has been a sleep saver.  She gets up a couple times of night for a bottle.  If it gets to be 4 hours since the last one, then we wake her up for it.

Eating:  She is steadily eating 60 cc’s a feeding (2 oz).  She was up to 6lbs 3oz at her Dr. appt last Friday.  We go back again in a week for a weight check.

The dogs are dealing well with her.  Bandit always comes up to lay on us by her and Rocky officially has gone into guard dog mode by barking at every single little thing outside.  Daycare is a little difficult but only because I would rather spend the whole day cuddling with her, lol.

J is an amazing Daddy and you can just see the love he has for her.  He takes his turns getting up in the night with her without complaint.  I am a little tired but loving my role as Mommy.

Our court date is Nov. 8th so we are just praying that all goes smoothly.  We’ve texted with BM a couple of times and she seems to be holding steady in her decision.  Hoping it will stay that way and that BD doesn’t give us any trouble.  Nov. 8th cannot come soon enough!!!

We took her to Church for the first time this past Sunday and that was a dream come true for me.  I’ve been waiting a long time to have a baby to snuggle and sing to during worship time.  She is being thoroughly loved on and spoiled by our friends and family and I can’t wait for the day that we get to make that FB announcement that she is our daughter.

All in all, she is an amazing little girl that smiles lots already, tries to lift her head frequently and likes to try and roll over already.  We love her so much!!!

I hope you all are well.  I am trying to get caught up on all your blogs.  🙂

Lots of Love~Dawn