January 2nd and 3rd

So of course I immediately miss a day, lol. I have a great excuse though, J and I had our first date night in a very long while. The kids went and stayed with my Mom for the first time in a long time. She’s 66 and has smoked most of her life so we’ve been very careful with Covid and her. Especially when the numbers started soaring in WI this Fall. It’s still of course always a risk but I’m praying everything will be good because it did both her and the girls good to spend time with each other.

So, what did we do on this date, we went to an amazing restaurant that practices low capacity and all staff wears masks. I’d been there one other time but J had never been there. It’s on the pricey side so it’s definitely more of a go when we have something to celebrate type of place. We had yet to celebrate our 8th Anniversary back in November so that was our excuse. We were supposed to go on NYE before I started this whole low carb thing, but that ended up not working out so my eating was not perfect yesterday.

The kids actually slept until 8am (Yay!). We all got up and got the kids fed and dressed. I got all their bags packed up and we headed to my Mom’s about 30 minutes away. I ate a banana on the way because I was hungry and it was quick. I figured people don’t usually get fat on bananas so it’d do. Once we got back home from my Mom’s, I got started on the cleaning/organizing. I started with Roo’s room and got all the 6 month clothes pulled out and put into boxes to take to our sitter who just had a baby boy. Got all his 9-12 month stuff put away and his toys organized. While I was doing that, J brought in all the toys that had gotten taken out to the garage after I told Bella, clean your room or I’m taking all your toys except your books. She said go ahead so out they went. Infuriating, but what can you do? I knew I needed some kind of system that wouldn’t let her have everything out at once. My kids really enjoy dumping buckets…someone please tell me they’ll eventually get out of this stage. Anyways, I made some lunch (eggs and bacon) and then off to Walmart I went to buy bins that I could sort the toys into and put on her closet shelf. She can have up to 2 buckets out at time and if she wants another one, she has to clean up what she has out first. By the time I got back, it was almost time to get ready for dinner so I didn’t get much else done.

Dinner was just what we needed. We’re really working on communicating more but with 3 kids 4 and under, one who is in a particularly difficult phase (at least I hope it’s just a phase) and a very needy black lab who barks at us constantly if we try to talk or stand/sit near each other, it’s difficult to do most of the time. We talked all through dinner, laughed, and indulged in crab cake poppers with dijon aioli, filet mignon (topped with asparagus, hollandaise sauce and lump crab meat), yukon gold garlic potatoes, and broccoli. Our waitress had asked if we were celebrating anything and we told her it was a late anniversary celebration so she bought us dessert too. It was the fanciest looking, most delicious salted caramel cheesecake. Sooo good and totally worth not doing perfect on food yesterday. We masked up and went and played a couple games of pool because J very nicely got rid of his pool table so we’d have more room for daycare in the basement.

Today we slept til’ 9:30am and then got up and started working on the girls rooms right away. It took me until 2pm to get them done and then we had to head out to get the kids from Mom’s before the Packer game started. When we got home, the girls LOVED their rooms. They played fairly well together all evening and I made chicken enchilada bowls for dinner and put it over cauliflower rice. The girls were not impressed. Bella tried 2 tiny bites but Milah refused and just ate her berries. J and I both enjoyed it. At bedtime, we tried a new routine that I think worked well. We each took one of the girls and helped them get their toys cleaned up, changed into PJ’s and brushed teeth and them read them books. Each night we’ll switch so we get a little one on one time with them. I spent the rest of the night cleaning the daycare room, living room and kitchen to get ready for daycare to reopen tomorrow.

Anyways, I am off to bed. It’s almost midnight here and 5:45am will come quickly.

Lots of Love~Dawn

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