I did it!

I got caught up on all your blogs.  I know I left very little comments and if I did, they were pretty short, but my goal was to just get caught up with what was happening in your lives.

Now to update you on our lives.  Christmas was wonderful.  It was everything I’ve dreamt it would be except for the fact that I didn’t get to open our little ones gifts because they weren’t old enough to do it themselves yet, lol.  The girls seemed to love all their gifts and our families treated them like they’ve been around forever.  H and I were both moved to tears several times over the few days.  H because of our families generosity and me, because H was just so appreciative of everything.  The girls went with a family friend and had professional photos done that they gave us for Christmas in a frame.  They were just beautiful.  We had 3 different days of family and fun and so much laughing.  Til we were crying kind of laughing.  It was awesome.  The girls fit right in with our nieces and nephews and a great time was had by all!

It’s not all fun and games though and the Christmas break I thought was going to happen is not.  There are times (like this morning) that I wish I could just make my pot of coffee and chill out with my book without interruption or constant questions.  Parenting is hard and being thrown into it with a fun but sassy 5 yr old isn’t the easiest thing.

I also thought I’d finally start getting to the gym again when break started and I haven’t.  I have a training session tomorrow night and once again, I haven’t made it to the gym since the last one.  I really need to get back on track because I was doing so well!

I can’t remember if I put this in my password protected post or not but H tried out for the Murder mystery dinner theatre the HS is putting on and got the part of the person who gets murdered.  She’s super excited and the play runs Feb 11 and 12 which also happens to be her 18th Birthday.  I love that she had the guts to try out so soon after starting at a new school and I think this is a great way for her to meet people and make new friends.

Other than that, things are pretty much business as usual.  This break is going to quickly and daycare is about to get super busy in the new year with the addition of another full time kiddo.  I hope you are well and had a wonderful holiday!


Lots of Love~Dawn

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Dear Friends!!!  Wishing you a very Merry and Blessed day with friends and family.  I know this day can be so hard for so many of us, but I hope you all are able to laugh and smile and enjoy the day.

Love to you all!!!!


What I’ve learned so far…

Extra time is nonexistent.  I’m so far behind on reading all your blogs and I haven’t made it to the gym in over a week.  My food hasn’t been great either.  Love that the kids are here but definitely need to work on balance. It doesn’t help that we’re into basketball season so J either coaches or plays at least 3 nights a week.  I have the hardest time getting up at 5am for the gym but unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to start making that happen.

H’s first week of school seems to be going well so far and L’s first day was today.  The funny part is that her new teacher is the Mom of the new baby I have starting on Monday.  We’ll just be trading kiddos during the day, lol.  And the Grandma of the new baby is one of H’s teacher’s and the Dad of the new baby works with J at the Middle school.  🙂

L is supposed to have a 3 hour visitation with her Mom tonight.  Hoping it goes well.  It’s supposed to be from 4:30-7:30 and we’re working on an 8pm bedtime on school nights, so hopefully it won’t set us back too much.

Yesterday she spent the day here with me because the schools had their monthly early dismissal day.  She made reindeer out of her handprints and toilet paper tubes, helped me wash dishes, played with playdoh and made cookies with me.  Last night we went to J’s Sister’s for our nephew’s 6th Birthday.  She was pretty shy and timid at her first and stuck to me like glue, but by the end of the night her and the birthday boy were ninjas karate chopping at each other.

Wish us luck on getting them all settled in and L’s room and daycare set up.  Lots of projects to work on…Thank God hunting is over!

Lots of Love~Dawn

From a Family of 2 to a Family of 4

And it’s happened in a matter of days!

Peeps…things have been a little crazy around here the last week or so.  Last week, we were busy with work/coaching/getting house ready, and then Saturday morning, we went and picked up H at 9am.  She didn’t have much with her in the way of belongings which would be so different from me if I had to pack my life up and move on a moments notice.  We went to breakfast at the little cafe I worked at throughout HS and college and started getting to know her a bit.  She’s a sweet girl that went down the wrong path due to not really having a Mom that showed her the right path.

Monday morning, we went to the HS to meet with the counselor and figure out a plan for her to graduate on time this May.  She’s a bit behind on credits but they have a thing called a district diploma here where it’s not quite as high as the actual HS diploma but it’s higher than a HSED or GED and H will still get to walk across the stage at graduation which is super important to her.  Her Dad is planning on flying in from Las Vegas for it.  With this district diploma, she will also get to have some electives and enjoy her last semester a little bit.  She loves singing and theatre so she’s going to do choir and theatre arts for the remaining part of this semester and next semester, she gets to do painting.  We also found out that they are holding tryouts on Wednesday for a dinner theatre play so she may try out for that too.  She’s also looking for a part time job to pay off some fines.

Today was her first full day and I’m anxiously awaiting for her to get home so I can hear about it.  We did the requisite first day of school picture in front of our Christmas tree this morning.  🙂

We also found out this afternoon that we are getting her 5 yr old Sister, L.  They should be on there way to our house to drop her off.  She was here Saturday night to visit with us and seemed to really connect with J and loved being by her Sister again.  It’s just crazy how we went from the two of to a family of 4 plus fur babies in a matter of days and, just in time for Christmas.  We are so excited to share the Holiday season with these girls!

Alright, I better get going.  H should be home soon as the HS gets out a little early on Tuesdays.  Hope you all are well and I will update you again soon!

Lots of Love~Dawn

Adoption Update

Our port hasn’t been looked at in the last 3 1/2 months.  It’s not surprising but it still sucks.

In other news, we are going to be Foster Parents.  We will pick up our 17 yr old foster daughter on Saturday morning.  She is the older Sister of the 5 yr old we thought we were getting before school started.  I’m excited and slightly terrified all at the same time!