Fact Friday

Fact 1:  159.2….This was, in fact, my weight when I stepped on the scale mid morning.  Now normally I would only way myself first thing in the morning, after I’ve gone to the bathroom and am naked, however, the battery for my heart rate monitor came in the mail and I had to reset the settings so I got on the scale.  I was/am horrified by that number.  I am 5’1 so that is just not a healthy number for me.  My Dad had open heart surgery when he was younger than I am now and I most definitely don’t want to follow in those footsteps.  Working on getting the junk out of the house over the weekend and then it’s time for J and I to start getting healthy.  J is getting dragged along because I have absolutely no willpower so I will eat his junk food if he brings it in the house.

Fact 2:  cd23 and AF arrived this afternoon…WTH…she NEVER has come this early….EVER!!!!  My cycle used to be 26 days long but for probably at least 6 months, it’s been 28 days.  I do not need a new fertility problem, I have enough of them.  I am hoping upon hope that this has something to do with the cysts and that it’s not going to be a new monthly norm.  I haven’t called the clinic yet because it was just spotting at first (and of course, I was really hoping maybe it was implantation), but now it’s a bit heavier and I think it will be full flow by tomorrow.

2 crappy facts this Friday.  On the bright side though, I am having a playdate with my boys from my old daycare tomorrow morning.  We haven’t had one since March so I am so excited to see them tomorrow.  And it’s supposed to be 80 and gorgeous.  🙂  Have a great weekend!!!