Life is Precious!

My original post today was going to be about working towards getting healthy again.  Instead…it’s going to be a reminder about how precious life is no matter how hard infertility is.  When J and I first met, he had a roommate named John.  John was fantastic.  He’s an older gentleman around our parent’s age.  He and his wife are originally from WI (where we live) but have moved all over the world for his job.  They thought they had moved for the last time and bought the home where they planned to retire in Mesquite, NV.  John ended up getting transferred again to La Crosse, WI and his wife refused to move again.  He found J’s ad for a roommate on Craigslist and he ended up being one of the best things that’s happened to both of us.  He did the readings at our wedding and lived with us up until last July when he got transferred again.  We miss him ALOT!!!  You’re probably asking yourselves, where is she going with this?

This morning J sent me a text (he’s chaperoning the 8th grade trip to DC) saying John’s 12 year old granddaughter had been stabbed and is in the ICU and he was asking that we send out prayers.  Here is the news story:

My heart is just breaking for this little girl and her family.  I can’t imagine the devastation and trauma that they all, but especially P, must feel knowing that two girls she though were her friends had been planning to kill her for several months.  And what the hell is wrong with kids these days?  Why are they getting so violent and why aren’t their parents doing anything about it?  I don’t understand why so many parents are afraid to actually parent their kids.  Our parents weren’t afraid to parent us so why are so many of our peers afraid to do it.  

Life is a gift, it is precious and even during the extremely hard times, it is wonderful.  I am so Thankful that P is going to be okay, but she has a long road of recovery ahead of her.  If I could please just ask for your prayers for her and her family.  Not just for physical healing but also for the emotional trauma that I can’t even being to imagine she and her family is feeling. Please pray for strength, comfort and peace for all of them.  Thank you!