Recovery Time…

Before I get into my surgery and how it all went, I wanted to give you all an update on the young lady I wrote about in my last post.  P is doing well!  She is home surrounded by her family and loved ones.  Her physical healing has been faster then expected and she’s only having to do 1 pain killer in the morning and 1 at bed.  Otherwise they are able to keep most of the pain away with motrin throughout the day.  They are very much enjoying their time together as a family but they know they still have a long way to go, especially with the emotional trauma they have all endured.

Now for my surgery.  Dr. R performed a laparoscopy on Friday.  She had originally thought that I had stage 2 or 3 endometriosis, but when she got in there, it was stage 4.  I had endometrial cysts on both ovaries, some tissue on my left tube and all over my bladder.  She was able to get it all cleaned out and also dilated my cervix 3-4cm to help with the cervical stenosis.  She of course can’t give us exact numbers or statistics, but she believes that our chances of getting pregnant (possibly even naturally) have gone up quite a bit.  

When she talked to J while I was still in recovery, she suggested trying an IUI right away, but when she came in after I was awake and pretty coherent to show me the pics (which we got to keep, lucky me, a souvenir from surgery, lol) we decided that we’d try naturally this month because we are leaving on vacation in less than 2 weeks.  I’m staying on BCP for another week because we’re not allowed to BD for 2 weeks.  If I would’ve stopped them right away, I’d be ovulating before we could even BD.  

Recovery has been rough so far.  I don’t remember the reason why, but they basically pump air into you during the surgery, so now when I try to get a good deep breath, pain shoots through my ribs, chest, shoulders and into my upper back.  My abdomen is definitely sore, but by far the worst part is the air that is stuck inside still and causing all that other pain.  Also, I’m a tummy sleeper so having to be on my back all the time is so annoying.  I tried sleeping on my side but that just makes the pain worse.  J is staying home tomorrow to help with the daycare kids, but then he has to go into school Tuesday and Wednesday to finish up his hours for the school year.  Thursday is his Birthday and Friday is my last day of work and then I have a month off (so excited).

I did finally get a shower this morning and that felt great.  I tried to shave my legs though and that really didn’t work out, lol.  One of my daycare babies turns 1 today so we are going to venture out for a little bit to go to his party.  Other than that, it’s a lot of laying in bed, watching hgtv and looking at fb.  J has been the best, most supportive caretaker I could’ve have ever asked for.  I didn’t realize how difficult this surgery would actually be on him.  It sounds like he did a lot of pacing while he was waiting for the surgery to be over and for me to wake up.  

Right now, despite the pain (which I feel horrible even complaining about after knowing what that little girl has been through) I am feeling extremely Blessed.  All of the prayers that were said, the text messages checking in on me, Family and Friends stepping in to help out so I didn’t have to close daycare, I am very, very Blessed and Thank God for such awesome people in my life!  I hope you all are doing well!  You are all strong, remarkable women who deserve to get miracle babies!  Prayers going out to you all.



11 thoughts on “Recovery Time…

  1. Wishing you much strength and healing! I remember how painful the post lap is. Omg. Felt like I was hit by a bus. Like my collar bones were broken. You’re a real trooper and hopefully this will give you a great chance this next month. Lots of love.

    • Thank you! Yes, that first weekend was just awful from the gas. The incisions themselves didn’t feel too bad. I think I’m just about healed…a little crampy today after thoroughly cleaning the house yesterday, but I’m officially on vacation for a month so plenty of time to heal up. 🙂

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