Sorry for the late update!  Everything went well.  There was a significant amount of endometriosis on my bladder, which totally explains the midnight and 3am bathroom runs.  There was some on my appendix and 2 small cysts on my right ovary.  Dr. R told J that it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time.  On one hand, that makes sense because the last time I’d had it done, it’d been growing for 22 years.  However, I was still a little surprised because of how bad the cramping had gotten lately.

We left the hospital about 3:30pm (had to be there at 8:30am).  We barely made it a few blocks and had to stop at the gas station because my mouth was so dry.  It was crazy busy so it took J a bit in there and I totally should have gone in and used the bathroom, but didn’t.  Well, I couldn’t make it home so then we had to stop  at Hardee’s to use the bathroom and since I hadn’t eaten all day, we also grabbed hot ham and cheese’s.  It has been that way the rest of the time.  I have to pee constantly.  I do have it drawn out to about every 45 minutes instead of 15 so I guess there’s some improvement.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night.  Luckily, I have Lorelei and Rory to keep me company.  Unfortunately, I’m already 6 episodes into season 6 so they won’t be keeping me company too much longer.  They totally need to do a Gilmore Girls reunion!

Painwise, it hasn’t been too bad yet.  My throat is pretty sore from the tube so I’m sipping water often.  If you want to stop eating bread, my suggestion is get a tube put down your throat because once it comes out; any bread, bun, or muffin kind of sticks in there and you need a drink to wash it down.  The incisions hurt the most when I go to the bathroom, but I did just take a pain pill to be one the safe side.  I plan to try and stay away from them as much as I can though so I don’t have to deal with constipation side effect.

Thank you again for all the love, support and prayers!  I don’t know what I would do without you all.  I know I still need to answer some comments on my password protected post.  I haven’t forgotten, just haven’t had the brain to form the comments yet, lol.

Lots of Love~Dawn

36 thoughts on “Update

  1. So glad it went well! I have it all over my bladder as well and totally pee nonstop. Yes a Gilmore Girls reunion needs to happen now! Season 6 is a good season, I love Logan!

    • Thank you! Yes, the peeing this is just ridiculous. I’ve finally slowed down compared to yesterday’s peeing. I can make it a couple of hours now and I think I may have only gotten up once last night after I fell asleep.

  2. My doc told me that the amount of endo has no correlation to how much pain you’re in. He said that he had removed stage 4 endo that a woman barely complained about and stage 1 that had women heading to the emergency room. It’s all subjective. I’m glad it went well!

    • Thank you! So, I finished GG last night and am just so sad about it! 😦 So then I looked for “Felicity” on netflix because that was another favorite show at that time and they don’t have it. Monday was hardly any pain, but by last night, I had quite a bit of significant pain around the incision area. I’d also had a baby at daycare for the past 2 days and older kids that I still needed to lift in and out of cribs and such so I’m guessing that’s what did it. I just have 1 kiddo to lift at nap time today.

      • I’ve stalled out on GG. It’s been a crazy work week and I don’t think I’ve even turned on the TV. But I know what I be watching this weekend. 🙂
        And I do hope you are able to take it easy and give your body some more time to heal. I know it’s hard with the job you do, but hopefully the weekend will help. Also, is the baby a permanent addition to the daycare?

  3. You sound really good! Certainly better off than I was right after my surgery. I was a mess lol. I’m glad that there was less endo than last time. Sorry about the pee mania — I hope it settles soon!

  4. It sounds like a success! Bye bye endo, stay away so Dawn can make her baby grow strong and beautfiful!!! (I was going to turn this into a little nursery rhyme, but really everything that rhymed was terrible). Anyway!!! I hope your recovery is going well and you are back on your feet pain free soon X

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon! I love marathoning the gilmore girls since I never really watched it the first time around. You might also like Friday night lights. Love that show. Xoxo

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