Do I need to be Freaking out?!!!

My test result came through on the my care website already…it did not even double in 79 hours…it only went up to 2059!  Barren Librarian was right…shouldn’t have had it done.  Haven’t gotten to talk to the nurses yet but now I’m double freaking out.  Please tell me you know people where this has still turned out fine!!!

Update:  I have since spoken to the nurse (whom I absolutely adore) and she said Dr. R said to tell me my number is within normal range and everything looks good.  What I wouldn’t give some days to be a naive first pregnancy Mom!  And I haven’t even been through half of what some of you have been through.  One chemical pregnancy a year and a half ago and the RE I had refused to confirm it.  However, I know all of your stories, and I know the dangers and as much as I’m trying to just relax and be happy…it’s also a very scary time.  Thank you all for being here to answer questions and for being so supportive!

Lots of Love~Dawn

18 thoughts on “Do I need to be Freaking out?!!!

  1. Not at all! Trust me I’m an HCG expert- 4 pregnancies analyzing betas.. that makes me an beta expert. Doubling time between 1,200 and 6,000 on average is 72- 96 hours.. After you reach 6,000 the doubling time goes to 96+ hours. You are right where you need to be!! I would be thrilled with that doubling time! Congrats! That’s a great doubling time for those numbers — Sincerely, Beta Expert. 🙂

  2. Wooosaaaa- I second (third? fourth?) the knowledge imparted above. After 1,000 the doubling time is slower and 100% normal! If it makes you feel better, at 15dpo (about 3 weeks preggo) my number was only just barrreeely over 100. Meaning I wouldnt have crossed the 1,000 mark until week 5ish. A number even starting in the 1,000’s is great! calm your sweet head dear girl, there is a baby in there!! 🙂

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