What I’ve learned so far…

Extra time is nonexistent.  I’m so far behind on reading all your blogs and I haven’t made it to the gym in over a week.  My food hasn’t been great either.  Love that the kids are here but definitely need to work on balance. It doesn’t help that we’re into basketball season so J either coaches or plays at least 3 nights a week.  I have the hardest time getting up at 5am for the gym but unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to start making that happen.

H’s first week of school seems to be going well so far and L’s first day was today.  The funny part is that her new teacher is the Mom of the new baby I have starting on Monday.  We’ll just be trading kiddos during the day, lol.  And the Grandma of the new baby is one of H’s teacher’s and the Dad of the new baby works with J at the Middle school.  🙂

L is supposed to have a 3 hour visitation with her Mom tonight.  Hoping it goes well.  It’s supposed to be from 4:30-7:30 and we’re working on an 8pm bedtime on school nights, so hopefully it won’t set us back too much.

Yesterday she spent the day here with me because the schools had their monthly early dismissal day.  She made reindeer out of her handprints and toilet paper tubes, helped me wash dishes, played with playdoh and made cookies with me.  Last night we went to J’s Sister’s for our nephew’s 6th Birthday.  She was pretty shy and timid at her first and stuck to me like glue, but by the end of the night her and the birthday boy were ninjas karate chopping at each other.

Wish us luck on getting them all settled in and L’s room and daycare set up.  Lots of projects to work on…Thank God hunting is over!

Lots of Love~Dawn

5 thoughts on “What I’ve learned so far…

  1. Aww so glad it is going well! Don’t sorry about the little things, like reading blogs, going to the gym, etc in time you will be organized enough to get back to it. Focus on J and the kiddos!

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