Another Shooting

When, When America are you going to get a clue that more guns isn’t better?  That there needs to be serious hoops to jump through to get guns.  I am just so saddened by this.  I’m saddened that I know people that actually hoard guns because they’re so scared of the government taking them away.

Prayers going out to all the victims and their loved ones.  I pray one day that Americans will find a way to work together to get this epidemic under control.

5 thoughts on “Another Shooting

  1. I only had to read the first sentence to like this. I’m not saying that the answers are readily apparent or that they won’t require some trial and error and modification along the way… but doing SOMETHING, anything at all, has to be better than making no changes and just staring at one another shrugging like, “how does this keep happening?”

    I believe in the constitutional right to bear arms. I really, truly, completely do. But I also believe you have to be a crazy person to think that the policies we have governing gun regulation and registration are sufficient, because they obviously aren’t doing enough to protect our citizens. And of course nothing happens in a vacuum — just tightening up gun policy won’t do nearly as much as a coordinated effort to improve, oh… I don’t know… the healthcare system? Mental health care? Racial, religious, and other ideological tensions, perhaps through improving our education system, which focuses so much on common core standardization and testing that it doesn’t leave any room for us to teach our kids how to think or cultivate empathy? I mean there are literally hundreds of things we could be doing to try to create a positive change and reduce violence, and we are doing literally none of them! It’s an embarrassment.

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