4 Years Ago

4 years ago, yesterday, J and I headed off to Door County, WI.  If you have never been, I highly encourage you to go…it’s Amazing!  We were there for pretty much the last weekend of the season, some places were already shut down for winter, but there was still plenty to do and the leaves…oh my…the leaves were just gorgeous.IMG_0606  On the porch outside our room.

We spent the weekend sipping wine, tasting infused olive oils, shopping, eating and hiking.  There’s this wonderful place there that you can do just about any kind of art you can imagine.  We weren’t there long enough to be able to do a project, but one of these days, we’ll go back and do that.  The days were the perfect Fall temperature and the sunsets were gorgeous.

IMG_0640 IMG_0641

Our room had a huge tub in it and also a fireplace and this is where our ttc journey began.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years.  I’ve always known in my heart, since I started having problems as a teenager (which we now know was the endometriosis beginning) that getting pregnant wasn’t going to be easy.  Not to mention, I wasn’t exactly careful with my live in boyfriend from CT.  I was on the pill, but I missed days, I didn’t always take it at the same time, and we definitely didn’t use a different source of protection when I was on antibiotics.  So, we started this journey a year ahead of getting married.  We weren’t even engaged, but we were both sure that we had finally found our person.

I look at these pics and we were so happy and carefree (and thin, lol).  Sometimes,  I really miss who we were before this journey started.


17 thoughts on “4 Years Ago

  1. These are beautiful pictures. I think back to those days too. I felt so carefree and things were so simple. Then I remember how much more gratitude I have for small things and I hope it means I will have a richer (if not harder) life. Xo

  2. wow, what beautiful photos. you truly look so happy and carefree. i so relate and long for the days when we were so innocent and felt we could conquer anything (and were thinner lol!).

  3. Love the pictures! I feel like this too, a lot. Like, who are these people?! I wish we could all go back to those carefree days sometimes. Or maybe just get a day pass and go back for a few hours at least. 🙂

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